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Altijd de beste deal, zonder moeite!
Altijd de beste deal, zonder moeite!

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We are hiring Javascript Developers, we need a Backend medior/senior. Please check the full description below or go to AngelList:


We're building Yippie! a small but supersmart robot (or browser extension if you will) that automatically compares the prices when you shop online. We now need help scaling our robot into epic proportions so everybody can enjoy Yippie! and start shopping smarter!

We have just been selected as one of the ten teams that participates in Startupbootcamp, the best accelerator program in Europe. Now we need new team members to help us through this acceleration process, because our startup is in for a ride!


We're looking for a backend Javascript developer. To be the right fit for the job you...

- are experienced with web application framework express.js, 
- love designing REST JSON APIs and you write tests first to make sure APIs are implemented correctly and will keep working as expected, 
- are proficient at the mongoose.js ODM and skilled with noSQL database mongodb, 
- can write complex but efficient queries, you know how indexing works, 
- also know the fast in-memory noSQL database redis and knows its pub-sub features just as well, 
- have created web apps with full-duplex browser-server communication (websocket) and its emulations (sockjs), 
- have extensive knowledge of reverse-proxying, load-balancing, caching, frontend webservers (nginx/openresty).


We’re being fully sponsored in the Startupbootcamp program and can offer you amazing benefits: 

- A high paced environment with industry professionals from your field and extremely valuable network opportunities
- An amazing experience in the life changing Startupbootcamp program 
- Being part of one of Europe’s most exciting startups 
- A great environment for growing and developing yourself 
- Free Vodafone sim with unlimited calls/texts + 5GB 4G internet + 150min international calls 
- Working in a rapidly expanding, international and young team
- Enjoying the wonderful and exciting city of Amsterdam!

We’re located on the 6th floor in the Vodafone Tower near Central Station. The office is located at the Simon Carmiggeltstraat 6, Oosterdokkade in Amsterdam.

Nieuw record: 100 gebruikers tegelijkertijd online met Yippie!

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