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Caleb Edward Shoemaker
Latin teacher, blogger, Orthodox Christian, writer, father of 3
Latin teacher, blogger, Orthodox Christian, writer, father of 3

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Slow death?
I'm having real problems with my LG. I did a big update of my apps, deleted some dead weight, and things ran smoothly until last night. Prior to this my factory installed email program wasn't working even after factory reset. Now gmail won't open and sundry Google Apps crash. I am not a developer, so I need simple instructions to get me through until next year. The phone was in a car accident recently if that helps. 

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Finished World War Z, by +Max Brooks. I really liked it. I'm not a zombie fan, and I think the Zombie Apocalypse meme is foolish; but this book had verisimilitude--high praise, I know--not to history but to character. The story is very well written, very powerful at times, and I was both grateful and sad to read the final pages. #ReadIt

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I'm sorry Malaysia, but Christians used "Allah" first.
Malaysian authority seizes Bibles containing 'Allah' to enforce ruling that Arabic word for God is Muslim-only  #JAIS
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