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When fixing a hard to turn faucet, clean out the inside of the faucet valve with vinegar, and repeat the cleaning on the cartridge.

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Faucets can be frustrating when they are difficult to turn. Follow these easy steps for a full proof way to fix it!

If you're planning to DIY a faucet fix, take a picture of the faucet and dismantled parts to help with selecting replacements. #tips

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Some plumbing fixes just take a little bit of elbow grease. Here's how to fix those stubborn faucet handles!

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There are 5 basic types of water heaters. Do you know whats the best fit for your lifestyle? We can help you!

When choosing a water heater, consider location of installation & area climate. 2 factors alone make the all difference in what to purchase.

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Water heaters are an investment that you use every day! Which type is right for you?

Did you know that you should clean your washing machine 2x a year? Keeping it clean will keep all your clothing & linens sanitized.

Front loading washer types tend to develop musty odors. Keep the door open a while after running to allow the inside to dry. #tipsandtricks

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Even washing machines need washed every once in a while! Here are some tips on how to keep yours clean.
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