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The success of Luxury Home Magazine (Niche Publication) is due to our commitment to work with the best of the best. As you turn the pages of Luxury Home Magazine or search on our multiple web platforms at or you'll see the nation's top real estate agents representing some of the world's finest homes, estates and properties with beautiful photography displayed in a "coffee table magazine” easy to read oversized format. What you don't see are the successful and talented Distributors, Publishers and Corporate Management that are the driving forces behind Luxury Home Magazine's around the country. These individuals are talented, passionate and entrepreneurial minded that enjoy the challenges and rewards of representing Luxury Home Magazine in their specific regional markets.
Our goal at Luxury Home Magazine is ultimately to be a resource to not just our Publishers, but to our Clients and their Clients as well. Our Team, our Vision, our Values and our Focus are the driving forces as we continue opening magazines throughout North America.
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