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Writing Prompts Galore!
As we go into the final week of NaNoWriMo prep, I've decided to dredge up some old writing prompts I created. Writers, if you need some inspiration, I might have just what you need. First is an archive of Prompt 2 Write from my Facebook Page: click here . A...

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Warming Up for a Novel November
Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month Greetings, fair day-lighters! If you've been following my movements on social media, you've had some inkling of the fullness of the last year and five months. Before I get to the thing at hand let me give you t...

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God is not Adventist
This might come as a newsflash to some, but God is not Adventist.  He's not Baptist, Pentecostal, Catholic, or Jewish.  And He's certainly not Adventist.  I've spent all my life in the Adventist church and it's only recently that I'm really considering this...

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Mission Gone South, Part 7 (Missionaries in Training)
Not long after we
arrived at Siparuta Mission Academy, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence, and the
girl from the village they claimed was their adopted daughter, left
on a two week trip to Bethany Medical Missionary College, also known
as the GAMAS resort (their nicknam...

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Mission Gone South, Part 6 (Let’s Define Human Trafficking)
In my last post, I
mentioned that the village council was concerned that the situation
constituted a human trafficking case. They explained to Granny and
the Lawrences that they couldn’t bring people in (especially from
another country), ill-treat them, be...

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Mission Gone South, Part 5 (What tipped the scales)
As I intimated in my
last post, SO MUCH happened that concerned us. We’d probably have
to write a hundred parts to share it all. Quite a few persons have
suggested writing a book; we’re considering the idea. In any case,
what tipped things over the edge ...

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Mission Gone South, Part 4 (Discrepancies and Inconsistencies)
we came to Guyana with the understanding that GAMAS meant Guyana
Adventist Medical Aviation Service. A few weeks after being in
Siparuta Village, we learned that the GAMAS board had changed the
meaning of the acronym to Guyana Adventist Ministries and...

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Mission Gone South, Part 3 (How it all began)
Thanks to my husband
Jermaine for guest-posting this part! He says, My wife and I have
decided to shift from our initial focus of these posts a bit. We have
come to see that what truly needs to be communicated is not so much
what we went through but what ...

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Mission Gone South, Part 2 (Why we're doing this)
Many of you may be
wondering, “Why are you doing this?” Some of you may be
thinking, “Why not let sleeping dogs lie? Why bring things out
into the open?” It is not just to point
fingers at these persons and the situations. Nor is it to make
mockery of th...
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