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Caroline Bingham
hates bios. likes naps.
hates bios. likes naps.

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March Madness
I can't believe March is almost over! I know I've said it a million times, but life is just flying by! For starters, Troy and I have been married for FIFTEEN YEARS. And as promised, we are in the midst of planning and prepping for our ultimate Disney Advent...

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I am currently ON THE HUNT for children's clothing. You see, my kiddos, for the most part, cannot wear clothes off the rack. Oh no, that would be too easy! We need a "specialty fit". WHICH IS RIDICULOUS. Thaddeus and Taylor are the easiest people right now....

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2016 Wrap-Up
Welp.... It's been a LONG time since I've sat in front of the computer to spew out my thoughts and feels. And to be honest, I NEED to write it all out. It's one of the only things that I still get to have all to myself. Also, I've been looking into the whio...

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New School Year
School has started once again, hallelujah. Actually, it started a while ago, but I'm just now feeling up to blogging again, mostly on account of feeling cruddy. So I had my terrible July with the whole relapse thing. Then it was August, and the get-ready-fo...

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July Blows.
I've decided that I hate July. I, of course, am having a little relapse. Which, naturally, is making me want to chop my head off and just be done with it all. I've been doing inpatient therapy at the hospital here in town, but it's not helping quite as much...

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And there there were none.
GUYS: Summer camp is so fun! This week is pirates, and it's going really well. It's fun to see the dynamics of the different groups of kids. We have a few regulars, and then we have our wild card kiddos. Some groups are very chill, while others are more int...

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Summer Break-down
Summer is in full swing. I am at home, with just the girls, because the boys are all at sleep-away camps... yes, even Troy! (I know, he hates camping. Not that scout camp is the total camping experience.) At any rate, the girls and I are on our own, and it'...

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Busy Little Beavers
Tonight we're having our quarterly "Come to Jesus" meeting about chores and things, on account of people being lazy slobs. Apparently, unloading the dishwasher causes actual physical pain.. and don't even get my started on the book bag, after school nonsens...

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I feel as if my life is a series of checklists these days. Taylor. Lion King. CHECK! Daniel. New glasses. CHECK! Blayne. Eyeglasses repaired. CHECK! Thaddeus. Scout Camp registration. CHECK! Thaddeus. Pioneer Trek 2016 prep. CHECK! Daniel. Cub Scout Day Cam...

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Planning all the Plans
I'm making BIG PLANS for summer. And by BIG PLANS I mean I'm running a series of summer day camps.... eight weeks of day camps actually. The camps are only 2 days a week, so it's like, no big deal. Plus, I've done all these things with my own kids for years...
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