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Re-entry Strategies and Wise Words from Winnie the Pooh!
Well, it has been a whirlwind over here. I'm sorry I haven't posted in such a long while, but there came a point where things were a bit too overwhelming to sit down and write about. Tomorrow at 5:30PM I return to Canada via Dubai, and I honestly can't wait...

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Can we stay here forever?
On Saturday Sarah, Sikander and I left our hostel in Accra to travel further east along the coast to Ada Foah. Our mutual friend Eirwen was already there and had convinced us that we absolutely needed to join her, and we were excited to journey somewhere on...

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Rainforests and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
This weekend felt like it lasted a lifetime. I did so many incredible things this weekend, and it looks like next weekend will be even more adventurous! I have been a little surprised at myself - surprised at how readily I enjoy doing things that some peopl...

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Palm Trees and Hip Hop
Finally, after a few rocky weeks of being sick off and on, being overtired, and secretly and sometimes not-so-secretly wishing to go home, I believe I have finally adjusted to life in Ghana. I don't know the exact time or reason why the transition happened ...

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I teeter
Who am I? Since flying across the ocean I seem to have lost half of myself.  Or maybe that half was always lost, and it's only in these unfamiliar places that I notice.  I notice  That I've spent so many years catering to the opinions of others  Willing mys...

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Beans, Poptarts and Ice Cream
That is what I have eaten today in an attempt to find food somewhat familiar to my body. Today is Sunday, so the canteen on the bottom floor of our hostel is closed while the street market only opened up after lunch-time. I was 'home' sick with some variant...

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Lost in Tema Station
July 2 nd 2014 Today was our first
official day of work at the Human Rights Advocacy Centre.  We were told it would take approximately 1
hour to get to work via trotro (the
cramped, cheap public transportation) and with work starting at 8AM we resolved
to l...
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