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Oh, you know me

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No more emo

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Check out our latest app!

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Check out Johannes Nyholm's Dreams from the Woods! Well worth the $2. Plus: I'm in the credits!

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Our latest project is live! Go build something beautiful! #Google #LEGO   #WebGL #GLOW

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ROME, one year later. got released one year ago. In all this time we've only had to do two fixes.

One was web workers related. We were heavily using web workers to load models. So heavily that in Chrome 15 or so it crashed the tab. We're now using plain JSON.parse().

The other one was a change of default behaviour of image resizing in App Engine.

Also, at the time we decided to only have the audio in .ogg format and the videos in .webm format. I worried that Safari would enable WebGL by default and the site won't work there because they don't want to support .ogg nor .webm. One year later, WebGL is still not default and no one is missing the .mp3 and .mp4 files.

With so many browser versions released over the year having the site still working so well says quite a lot about WebGL and how stable it is.

Three.js has improved a lot performance-wise since then and that's the only thing that makes me a bit sad because updating the site to the latest three.js would take a bit. That also says a lot about three.js and how stable it is... not. But what can you do? :)

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A must see for all web developers.
Did you catch our HTML5 Rocks Live Hangout Yesterday? If not, we just posted the video with +Boris Smus, +Eric Bidelman, and +Paul Irish on the Google Developers YouTube channel.

+Paul Irish talks about using Chrome's developer tools to improve rendering performance at about 1:30.
+Boris Smus talks about his new device.js library for mobile development starting at 21:25.
+Eric Bidelman talks about his new idb.filesystem.js library starting at about 40:00.

Here's a list of all the links mentioned during the hangout:

02:15 Scroll Effects Demo
23:04 - Media Queries Site
24:15 - WURFL
26:40 - Boris' Device Library
29:28 - Device.js Demo
33:25 - Bug to add touch-enabled media query to Chrome, please star
35:00 - Chrome's DevTools for Mobile Development
38:56 - Paul Irish's Touch Demos
40:43 - File System API Book
43:10 - Eric's idb.filesystem.js
44:27 - idb.filesystem HTML5 File System Demo
47:33 - HTML5 Filesystem Playground

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Here's my #HTML5 Web Audio API audio analyzer!
It renders the waveform and a realtime spectrum of frequencies!
Only works in +Google Chrome as the app uses the #webaudioapi .

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#new #release WebAudio.js - a audio library for game.

WebAudio.js is built on top of Web Audio API. It is dedicated to games.

I just did a musichackday to play with it. It is doing good after the events - try some examples to see
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