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Making appointments is a breeze and we are often able to make same day appointments which helps with our unpredictable schedules. The staff is very friendly and helpful and knowledgeable.
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I must say , BAd Smelly and the customer services is the worst. I have been going to petco in hopes to find a decent LIve food for my pet box turtle,that is 25yrs :), for over 2 yrs. there seams to be a lack of Fresh Worms in this store. every container ( even on the so call delivery days the mangers told me about Weds.)I open just about every container of super worms to find old dead and very smelly worm skins so black You know they have been there for a very very long time. I asked a manager at this petco why dont they just throw the bad stuff out so we the customers do not have to open all of them to try and find some sort of LIVE worm. this is what SHE said. The customers come in and open all the containers stealing by adding more worms to the container they are buying. I looked at her like REALLY! come on now like some one is stealing these black shells of long dead super worms. I shook my head and told the manager I do not understand . all i want is to buy a fresh live product for a pet I have been tending for many years, after all this is a PETCO right? you are a manager here right. will you at least clean the dead worms and through them away and make room for new worms? she rolled her eyes and said not the case here and she walked off. never ever will I again go to that store, I will blog and I will always tell this store to whom ever has a pet in vallejo that wishes to feed live fresh worms to. very very said sad excuse of animal care!
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Quality: Poor - FairAppeal: Poor - FairService: Poor - Fair
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