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+Caleb Bruss: Did you see this already? I'm told you start out in the game with almost nothing, including a lack of map/GPS forcing you to learn landmarks and road signs to help meet up with friends. Sounds awesome for group play ;-)

Just putting this out to everyone a bit more officially: I'm slowly moving to my G-Apps account: +Josh Watts 

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I think this almost trumps the live-action portal short :o

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Finally replaced the center diff in my Forester :-) +Mickey Barnhart's came up for the weekend and was a huge help. I think it took us about 3 hours to get the exhaust and drive-shaft off, and then pretty much the rest of the day to (minus lunch ;-) to properly replace the diff, apply the gasket sealer and get everything re-attached. The diff itself was super easy to replace, but everything outside the transmission case took most of the work.

End result? I can now turn in circles and drive more than 15 miles! =D Huge thanks to the folks at, especially n2x4's post on diagnosing and replacement of center diffs ( And also should shout out to BAC5.2's transmission FAQ (, in particular his recommendation of 50/50 mix of Motul and Redline Lightweight Shockproof :-)

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BOOYAH! 37:34

Gregory House, we will all miss you dearly.

Nifty, looks like that SIM convergence is already here? Of course, grand father data plans get dropped when you port numbers, but we both already know we don't ever exceed 2GB.

Just played with Hangout On-Air, looks like it'd be an AWESOME tool for MDRC (and of course any hacker-space ;-) The result of the hangout (including screen-casting!) is broadcast live (+ recorded for later re-watching, or can be deleted afterwards) to anyone capable of watching Youtube! (Forgot to test on my Droid)

At the Depot getting lumber cut for garage workbench, brings back lots of memories from building the dome :)

Ok, I have to concede, random 3 hour Saturday nap feels great after cleaning out the garage, hour cycle ride and a great dinner. Now I think it's time to visit the bar or go for a nice evening walk ^.^
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