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Hacking Arizona since 2009
Hacking Arizona since 2009

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Quick intro to HSL by 12 news done during Coffee and Code last week:

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The +Electronic Frontier Foundation and HeatSync Labs are teaming up in Mesa! We invite you to visit your friendly neighborhood hackerspace and discover the latest developments in advancing digital freedom. EFF's Speakeasy events are informal meetups that give you a chance to connect with local civil liberties supporters and meet the people behind the world's leading digital civil liberties organization. Refreshments will be served and all ages are welcome.

View additional event details at

We hope to see you there!

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If you aren't subscribed to our YouTube yet, please do, so we can live stream events! Thanks!
Ive been bothering people from our twitter for 24 hours trying to grab 30 more subscribers to our youtube channel. If we can stay over 100 we can stream there instead of ustream, which might be cool.

Will you click subscribe, pretty please?

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+James Britt thinks we should do something similar. Awesome! Come down to the space and head up this initiative!
+LA Makerspace and +Crash Space are putting on a Handmade Music weekend of workshops in Los Angeles. This event is to get your computer set up and ready to go, and is free!  The other events are listed here:

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Basic Eagle CAD workflow and gotchas from HeatSync Labs Hot Topics series. We ready for those PCB office hours we talked about yet? 

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/via +Will Bradley, quoting:

"You know the life-logging videos like this? Everyday (madandcrazychild)
Now you can make something similar, easily, for yourself (if you have a mac) thanks to my roommate:"

(also kind of like lolcommits)

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I think +Vallori Zephyr and I just invented apple pie bite tempura. Its even more delicious than it sounds.

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Don't forget, Open House is tonight! Come on down!
HeatSync Labs is having an Open House!

Come join us and get a tour of the space. Meet fun and interesting people and check out the various types of projects being worked on, available equipment. We'll have smiling faces on hand to give you a personal tour and explain the various equipment to you--what they can be used for, etc--and tell you all about our organization.

Some of the things you can expect to see:
* Laser cutter
* Various 3D printers
* Arduino / microcontroller parts/shields
* Various metal and woodworking machines/tools
* Miscellaneous doodads, gizmos, widgets, whatchamajigs, doohickeys, and whirligigs!

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3D print a fossil with virtual palaeontology

"3D printing will be a step change in the science of palaeontology once the costs come down," says Louise Leakey, who runs a virtual fossil museum,, in conjunction with the Turkana Basin Institute and the National Museum of Kenya in Nairobi.

The method relies on an updated version of a technique called photogrammetry, which calculates the geometry of an object from photographs. To capture a 2-million-year-old Homo habilis skull, for instance, some 160 photographs of the specimen are taken from all angles. Photogrammetry software converts the images into a 3D mesh model, which can then be printed. With a CT scanner, which uses X-rays, you don't even need to see the object with your own eyes. Fossils can be scanned while still encased in rock. The image is subjected to "virtual preparation" - software processing that digitally removes the surrounding rock.

"We are developing several research lines in palaeontology using CT and surface 3D scanning," says Azevedo. "These include the nervous system and biomechanics of crocodiles, dinosaurs and other vertebrate fossils."
(Extract from Article here -

Image 1: Researchers at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  hard at work on a mission to create 3D-printed dinosaur robots.3D printing allows the researchers to cheaply and efficiently replicate bones that previously were cast with plaster molds. The new digital technique will allow the team to create small, scale models of large dinosaurs and then turn those models into robots in order to study how the giant beasts moved. Link: 

Image 2: According to Imran Rahman, a paleobiologist and research fellow at the University of Bristol, paleontologists have been using virtual technologies to peer into the past for years — and Rahman himself is now using the same techniques to bring precious fossils out of the laboratory and into the wider world. Link:

#paleontology   #3dprinting   #virtualization  
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+Zachary Giles  just found our HackPHX Arduino video. Amazing theres people who don't know what an awesome job the staff and teams did that weekend. So proud of that weekend. Check it out! #hackPHX Arduino 2013 hackathon
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