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Jane Thrive
Single mother, sister, daughter, employee, supervisor, surfer
Single mother, sister, daughter, employee, supervisor, surfer

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A little love
Image credit here Sometimes
in the midst of personal problems and struggles, it’s nice to see some love in
the world. Like
this small town in Georgia
who embraces refugees . Or
recognizing that it’s okay to love who you love in a region
of the world where i...

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Black hole heart
Image credit here Dear
World, I
haven’t been writing because I’m freaking out.   (And, I’m freaking out for freaking out--guilt, embarrassment, shame,
all of it).   Please excuse the cuss words
that follow. As
much as I’ve encircled myself with the “healing...

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Percolating Life
Image credit I’m settling
back into the swing of things having just returned from my work trip this past
week end.   Lots of thoughts percolating: 1) Use
your privilege to uplift others—some may have more privilege than others, just
by the color of your ski...

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Working Mom and the Nitpicker
World, It’s
been a busy month on the work front—which is why I haven’t been in
communication.  One of the
things about my job that I feel lucky about is that it has been the one
constant in my pre divorce/divorce/post-divorce world.  It’s normally calm...

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Life calls
I realize I haven't been posting much since March--have been juggling spring break schedules, witih my hubby's family visiting from the mainland which a special magical time full of laughter and love and silliness, the ocean, beach time, watching DD1's tenn...

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Compartmentalizing: Worst Days, Better Days
Image credit here Over
the years, I’ve handed out advice, more to myself than anyone else, to do my
best in maintaining firm boundaries. 
Like: When
you get a demand-y, barely civil (or outright rude and jerky) email or text, do
not rise to the bait.  Decip...

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Skirts, shmirts
Image credit : here Well...I kind of screwed up.  I usually keep the high road, but I failed the other morning.  Background:  Exie put up an expensive attorney fight to not have to pay for the girls' private school, even when I said I'd pay the whole thing ...

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Passive-Aggressive does not Suprise
Image credit: here Dear
World, I need
some advice.   I’m traveling for work in a
couple of months, so I’ve asked the Exie if I could switch week ends, so that I
could have Mother’s Day week end with the girls instead of the week end that I’m
traveling.   I’...

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Awesomoness right here!

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Oh Tween, My Tween!
Image credit here I’m
thinking this whole blending family situation is ratcheting up a level with the
tween factor now in my house.   I’ve been a
bit slow in accepting the reality that big sister is moving out of childhood
and heading into puberty.   So, my...
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