The GlobalWebIndex is conducted quarterly and the data collected by self-completion online surveys.  The survey is the exact same in every market but is localised by language and local brands where relevant (i.e. asking respondents about local websites only in the relevant markets).  The samples themselves are structured using quotas on age, gender, and education levels to ensure that our sample is representative of the internet population in each market.  Other than that, the sample is completely random.  To that end, all of the research we collect is representative of the internet population in each market and not the national population as a whole.  Furthermore, we never survey the same respondent twice within a 12 month period.
This approach provides both trend data and large local samples. This coverage is unique and we are the only global data source who survey multiple times a year, providing the same data in every single market that is operated. We only use data that we survey and do not published or provide any tracking data or third party statistics.
We recruit internet users aged 16-64 from the most highly respected research panels in the market research industry including Lightspeed Research, uSamp, Toluna, YouGov and GMI. Our panel partners are responsible for the recruitment and incentive provision for the respondents in each market.
The survey is always served in the local language and incorporates many leading techniques to guarantee high-quality data, such as rotating questions, sections and options, utilising new question techniques like “drag and drop” and measuring response patterns to remove respondents who complete inaccurately or too quickly.
We believe that, despite all the advances in analytics, big data analysis and social listening, there are still impossible challenges in creating clear and simple metrics that cover internet access across all devices, enable segmentation by very specific consumer types and provide global reach. Add to this the growing need to track and measure opinions, attitudes, needs and motivations to support sophisticated strategy; consumer research is increasingly the only way to do this. This is why we work with some of the biggest internet brands in the world.
The data is frequently benchmarked against other forms of data including audience measurement services, publisher data and local market research. 
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