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Nokia Q4 2012 results - return to profitability - Following on from a preliminary set of results, Nokia has now released its full interim Q4 2012 results,reporting an operating profit of 439 million (up from -954 million in Q4 2011), with net sales of 8.041 billion (down 20% YoY). Nokia's Devices and Services division's operating profit was 276 million. The margin in Devices and Services was 7.2% (up from from 3.4% in Q4 2011 and up from -19.2% in Q2 2012). Total smartpho...
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On the day that Nokia officially announces the end of Symbian,  not a word from 'AllAboutSymbian' ?. 
What Nokia "announced" today was that the Nokia 808 PureView was the last Symbian device. We've known this for some time, as has been mentioned on the site on a few occasions.

We also mention this in the story itself.

It's not really the "end" of Symbian. You could define the end of Symbian in a number of ways - I guess most would look to Feb 2010, others to the release of the 808, other to today, but others will say it's only when the devices stopped being used... I think defining one end point doesn't really have any value... perhaps better to say it fades away.

We've got an editorial coming on this subject early next week too.
Good to see Nokia doing well again, I'm a huge ios fan moving from Symbian 3 years ago, but the lumia phones do look tempting. 
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