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hope the check engine light is not serious. just popped up while in my Prius. no time to get it checked out today and got to drive. living life on the edge here... 
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Driving a Prius is "living life on the edge"? Ya I guess when a semi passes you. ** cough - roller skate in the breeze ** cough Haha
That's today's on the edge...hopefully it's a clean edge:-)
LOL. Actually was referring to the general circumstance of driving with unknown check engine lights as living on the edge. =p Driving a Prius on the other hand as risky as sleeping on your bed... that is of course if that semi you mention isn't gonna fall on top of you. As a matter of fact I would love to get into one of those tiny "smart cars" (dumb name) if there were an electric or hybrid one! Oooh yeah!!
Got you to smile haha - at > 100k it appears you and your car have had some good miles together. Please don't laugh at me driving my Avalanche. :)
oh i'm sure i'd be freaking out screaming like a little sissy girl when approached by your avalanche. hehehe. what is that a semi you drive?
I'm gonna say you need an inverter pump or the hybrid battery.
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