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Can peel a carrot with a look.
Can peel a carrot with a look.

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"Awards and award nominations are precarious things for authors. Most of us don’t work or write or imagine fiction for the glorious prospect of plaques and trophies. And we often work under the auspices of receiving little to no recognition for what we do. Yet what writer hasn’t dreamed of winning an award for his or her hard-earned work?

For writers like Woelf Dietrich, whose goal is to produce his best writing, having accomplished a story at the height of one’s ability is often reward enough. This makes the added thrill of being nominated for a prestigious award humbling and exciting beyond belief.

In a field and industry that garners little acknowledgment, much rejection, and sparse approval, it is truly a rare and wonderful honor to celebrate the recognition of a colleague, author, and friend like Woelf Dietrich for his tireless efforts writing “Babylon’s Song”—now nominated for New Zealand’s Sir Julius Vogel Award."

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Dimitrije Miljus is a beer-loving concept artist and illustrator from Belgrade, Serbia who specialises in environment design, worldbuilding, and visual development.

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Writing with a team is challenging enough. Add to that writing in the same universe, in the same timeline, and working with international contributors and you have a complex project with many facets. What helped us streamline our process and complete the project? Team member, software engineer, and sci-fi author +Elaine F writes about some of our solutions.

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Maxim Revin works as a concept designer and illustrator and hails from Moscow, Russia. Gathering information about him proved difficult, more so by my inability to speak Russian. Still, I discovered Maxim collaborates with a group of artists and writers on Celistic, a project about futuristic worlds.

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Enter to win $100 #Amazon #GiftCard to celebrate the upcoming release of Interspecies, my new book.

#Interspecies   #SciFi   #Aliens   #Postapocalyptic   #firstcontatct  

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Read a sample of #Interspecies , my new book along with co-authors +Woelf Dietrich +Dana Leipold and +Elaine F 

#sciencefiction   #scifi   #firstcontact   #aliens   #postapocalyptic  

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Remember last year when I did a blog post on Kōsa Press titled, The Magnificently Dark Piofoks, in which I showcased our cover artist’s talent? Well, this is part of that beautiful and awesome cover he made for us.

As for my novella-sized contribution to the anthology, the fanatically efficient Ally Bishop edited Babylon’s Song, and I listened and did as instructed and my story grew prettier, as a result, despite it not being a pretty tale. And now I’ve worked through the final proof from our proofreader.

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#Art  of #scifi : Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe is a freelance concept artist and illustrator working for clients in the entertainment industry, including filmmakers, authors, game developers, and more. Lorenz began his freelancing career straight after high school and is a self-taught artist. Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe his natural talent.

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It's finally here. #Interspecies, the new book I'm in with fellow authors +Elaine F, +Woelf Dietrich, and +Dana Leipold will be out later this month.

Today we reveal the cover.

Special thanks to +Samuel Peralta for writing a first class Foreword, and to +Ally Bishop for her amazing editing and story skillz.

#Interspecies   #postapocalyptic   #FistContact   #scifi   #sciencefiction    

‪#‎Interspecies‬: The Great and Awesome Cover Reveal ‪#‎SciFi‬

The minute we saw the cover we wanted to show the world. But we could not. It would’ve been too early. Interspecies was not ready yet.

Finally, we can show you the stunning cover Piofoks painted for us. Take your time and allow the image below to filter through your eyeballs straight to your occipital lobe. Now let it lodge itself there permanently.

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Stanislaw Lem’s Disconcerting Universe And Some of the Best Depictions of Alien Life in Science Fiction.

#sciencefiction   #scifi   #stanislawlem   #alienlife   #theinvincible   #solaris   #georgeclooney  
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