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It's time to step up and fight for your future :)

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Does it make sense to repeat Facebook posts?

versus the chart below.

Pesky little stats...

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Because you have a bad day

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"There are only two places in the world where we can live happy:
at home and in Paris." –Ernest Hemingway

Newton, Pascal, and Einstein are playing hide-and-go-seek in heaven.

Einstein closes his eyes and starts counting.

Pascal goes and hides behind a cloud.

Newton stays where he is, and draws a 1mx1m square on the floor around him.

Einstein finishes counting and turns around.

"Ah ha, Newton! I found you!"

"No you haven't, you've found one Newton over 1m2 . . . You found Pascal."

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Amazing Street 3D Paintings
July 7, 2011 (36 photos)
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Better Google Plus - Better Experiences :)

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Two Google Extensions for Google+ that ROCK! - All you have to do is install them. The first brings your black bar with you down the page - No rushing UP to get to it, while in Plus.

The second one is the "Rush UP" button (Scroll to top quickly) and it does what it says. Be prepared! lol
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