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How to Survive a Broken Fibula

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Snow Log: Earth Date 3
all began yesterday, innocently enough. The snow was nearly stopped when I
shoveled and kicked a small path to the bird feeders, a path which ended in a
small patch of grass beneath them. As I filled the feeders, I heard our
resident chickadee ...

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The Thing about Squirrels
          I added a new birdfeeder to the “back four”   today. It is a hanging tray, or a plastic
screen framed with cedar and suspended from three slender black chains. It has
a plastic dish to use as a bird bath, but I know the squirrels (Marauding   Munc...

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“Oh, It’s Fall."
It is an upside down day. In the front of the house, it’s cold. In back it’s warm. My brain is sputtering, but my body feels fine. Somewhere, the ragweed must be blooming like a fiend. This is the change of seasons. Bittersweet. Beautiful but
itchy. Hot and...

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What to Do?

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"Now What?"
           Trying to find a new career at the age of 56 after being a teacher for 25 years is like entering a world without gravity, signposts, or self-esteem. There are no jobs that do not require experience. Having people skills out the wazoo really count...

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Baltimore Burning
          Last night I prepared for
today’s class by looking for a video about Malcolm X. I like to give my college
students some background on the authors we read. “Learning to Read” is a
chapter from his autobiography. In it Malcolm X tells about teaching...

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