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Good Eating.
So on our mini-moon to Chattanooga, I was really convicted. The majority (if not all) of the restaurants we went to, rightfully boasted that their ingredients were local and/or organic. We went to this one diner near the river called, Blue Plate. And on the...

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Respecting his Appetite
Growing up, I had the BIGGEST  sweet tooth ever. If we ever stopped by the gas station on the way to church to fill up the car, I'd run inside and buy a pint of icecream with my own money and have that for breakfast. I'd eat half a gallon of icecream in one...

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Respecting his clothes
I love style. That doesn't always mean I like being trendy or laced with brands head to toe though. But I do appreciate a cute pair of peep toes from Cole Haan or shift dress from Anthropologie. When Michael and I first started dating, I refused to be seen ...

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Respecting His Kingdom (Home)
House chores have never been my forte. I love living in a clean living space, and I love staying organized. But growing up, that wasn't really expected of me. Everything for the most part, was done for me. I'll never forget when I was around 10 years old, I...

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Respecting his Friends
This subject was an interesting one for me. One, because of the things mentioned in Ashley's blog . And two, just because of our current life experiences with our friends. " Girls seem to get a bad rap for hating on their man's friends. Like the moment he g...

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Respecting his family
It's been a while since I've been on here... the subject I read on after respecting his words was respecting his work. I'm going to skip over that, just to prevent any potential misunderstandings. There's nothing to misunderstand, but just in the off chance...
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