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My workday... #organizing 

It's the cold, cloudy, rainy days that make me happy I have a desk job.. 

Just testing something out #simplyignore 

Thank you #starbuckscanada for having some locations open today. Your gift of coffee is very helpful in an early Xmas morning #thankful 

Blessed and honoured to worship with my church family this Christmas Eve. The best services I've experienced so far! Thank you Southwood! 

At my first piano recital as a teacher. I think I'm more nervous than my student #studenthasbecometheteacher 

Going to my first NHL game tonight. #finally #ratherexcited 

From reading different posts, I think some people need to be reminded that words can hurt. Not just spoken words either #selfremindertoo 

Phone is back up and running 

That moment on a Monday Morning when the sermon on Sunday makes sense #lightbulb 
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