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Another JavaScript WAT:
undefined | "18005551234"   // yields  825682050

Whoever writes a program writing "Error: NO_ERROR" in a log file has never looked at a log file to track a problem.

If you put a continuation and a monad in a cage for a fight, who would win? #fp #haskell

Overpopulation is the demographic state where you can find people advocating for a code convention in which a mixture of tabs and spaces is required for indentation policy.

Idea: name the business report database "reality". Thus, you can legitimately say to managers "you need to connect to reality".

Don't believe in magic. Especially Gartner Magic Quadrants. Enterprise architects use MQs as ass armors and the rest of us must live with the consequences.

List of things that should be transparent but aren't:
-HTTP proxies
-HTTP caches
-load balancers

Why do we have "solution architects" and not "problem architects" ? Stating the problem correctly is the most important step.  

Linux UI is improving. I'm in the train, writing an e-mail in Thunderbird on my laptop.  I'm about to send the message and I realize that the "Send" button is actually labeled "Send Later". Oh! I forgot to share my phone connection with my laptop.  I do so and then, Network Manager connects instantly to my phone connection, the offline status changes in Thunderbird to online and the button is re-labelled "Send".  Wow, I'm impressed.  Some developers really do a good job collectively.

To tech writers out there: we no longer need "Typographic conventions" sections. Thanks.
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