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G+ page of Grave Diggers Motorcycle Club Malaysia
G+ page of Grave Diggers Motorcycle Club Malaysia

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haha, good one
Obama's shovel ready jobs

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Grave Digger's Dungeon
For monster truck aficionados, near Kill Devil Hills, NC

via Atlas Obscura - Few diversions are as uniquely and unabashedly American as a good old fashioned monster truck jam. Among the greatest stars in the sport's history is Grave Digger, specifically when driven by Dennis Anderson.

Way back in 1981, before the dawn of monster truck racing as we know it today, Anderson assembled his first 'mud bogging' vehicle by combining the chassis of a 1952 Ford pickup and a high-performance Chevy engine with a body welded together from miscellaneous junkyard parts. After a few years of vehicular experimentation and perfecting his racing style, Anderson, so the story goes, gained enough confidence to talk smack to his opponents, saying, "I'll take this old junk and dig your grave." ...
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