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Mark Orr
Gamer, MLS nut, DC comics fanboy, love Historical naval fiction.
Gamer, MLS nut, DC comics fanboy, love Historical naval fiction.


Ok I figured out the ending to Supergirl season 1 finale. 

SPOILERS ahead*****

Ok in Ep 19 we learn Kal El is off Planet!

In Ep 20 we learn Kryptonians cant fly or breathe in Space.  So Kal El must have used a Ship  ( his Pod ). The Pod of the last scene. 

Ok So who was Superman in 19 and 20 who was under the effects of Myriad.  Gee if DC only had another shapeshifter. Oh but they do!

Miss Martian. 
Who as a recovered Clark, Kal could have Read Lois' mind to find Clark's password to use his computer to text Kara. 

Only issues. Held form while under control.
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Looking for 1-3 more players for a Slipstream Savage Worlds game. 
Tuesdays 2 pm est, 11 am Pst. Starting May 3rd. 
Slipstream is basically Flash Gordon. Pulp Sci Fi. 
Will be using Fantasy Grounds.  You can use FREE Demo to play.
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I will be jumping into the deep end and GMing my first game soon. In the Slipstream Setting. I will be using Fantasy Grounds. Anyone interested in a hopefully more RP kinda game is welcome to join. All one would need is the Fantasy Grounds FREE demo to play. 
Game will be Tuesdays at 2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific. Only have 1 player at this time.  so 3-4 slots.  Audio has not been nailed down, so Hangouts, TS, and Discord are on the table. 

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Just saw this from Matt Mercer. He is the voice of the lead character I think.   A Venice RPG

Megan, are you available to chat today???

Thanks #Supergirl for making me squee like a fanboi
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So cool
The D&D Dungeon Master Guide is now available for Fantasy Grounds. Check it out and let us know what you think. It's been a long time in the works. It is chalk full of tables and info and we are especially proud of the Item Forge.
D&D Dungeon Master Guide for Fantasy Grounds
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Who Dat?!  Who Dat?!  :)       Ric Flair voice   WOOOOOOOOOO! 
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