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Living each day....
Living each day....

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Beautiful rice bowl from +MountainAireVintage
A gorgeous rice bowl by Taylor Smith and Taylor (TS&T). The shape is called Fairway and the pattern is called English Abbey. This bowl is embossed with a floral design and the pattern is English Country Scenes in blue against a cream colored base. This rice bowl is very hard to find. 

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Hand Crocheted Lace Trim

Lace edging added to purses, jackets, bags or totes can create a beautiful flair. This is a thick lace which works well on denim, canvas, burlap, wool, linen, and a variety of other fabrics.

Custom length and colors can be made for you upon request!

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Happy Spring Monkey from +Miniature Monkey Creations
Happy #MonkeyMonday!

As promised I have a cheerful new monkey to share with you this week. This monkey in bright rainbow colors is ready to welcome spring! Monkey has rainbow striped arms and legs, and a rainbow spiral tail on a warm brown body. Monkey wears a removable yellow hat and a bohemian lace circle vest held closed with a crayon.

#handmade #SockMonkey #rainbow #vegan #Zibbet #SupportIndie
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