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Almost over, and then new
The end of the first semester of school is here. The end of the calendar year is right behind it. People are thinking about vacations, traveling, gifts, and the New Year.  Of course this also has people thinking about having a better new year and making the...

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Football Defeat - Shooting without light
For a few weeks now I have enjoyed using a Nikon D4 camera body for
shooting some night time sports.  While My Nikon D7100 does a reasonable
job with things, the D4 is such an improvement that I am beginning to
see why people are willing to spend the tho...

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Plane Wreckage (Movie set)
I vaguely remember seeing the movie 3000 Miles to Graceland quite some time ago. It was not a movie that stuck out in my mind as anything memorable, even though I do enjoy both Kurt Russell and Kevin Costner in films.  I say this because I did not set out t...

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Carnival of Lights
A sure sign of summer here in New Mexico is the arrival of the traveling carnival.  The carnival arrived this weekend and although I am not one to go on the rides much these days, I certainly wanted to head out to the event and made some time exposures and ...

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Digital Drawing - SketchBook by Autodesk
To go back into my history I originally got interested in photography because I wanted to be a comic book artist and really struggled with backgrounds. I thought getting a camera and photographing scenes like skylines and alleys would help give me reference...

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Looking at a few Photo Apps
Although the idea of putting a camera inside a cellular
phone was first laughed at, the last several years have seen big improvements
in the quality of the cameras included inside the modern “Smart Phone.”   In fact, cameras in phones are so popular
that lo...

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iPhone Photographer: the book
When I was the chief photographer for The Gallup Independent I brought Michael Fagans on board. He had a lot of great ideas in his shooting, and was a good addition to the staff. After a while it was time for him to move on to other things and he kept shoot...

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Mobile Photography (aka - Phonography)
A year ago I was not of the opinion that images from phones were very good.  Certainly they used to be pretty worthless, with their low ISO, low resolution and lack of shutter speed controls.  I remember playing with my Motorola Razr and wondering why they ...

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Jeff Jones commented on a post on Blogger.
What's all that green stuff?  Ain't nothing like that in Gallup.

Nice pics.  Sounds like you had a great break from the daily grind.  Thanks for sharing.
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