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Everything I need to know I learned in the Hávamál
Everything I need to know I learned in the Hávamál

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The "Virgil" NPC

In Dante's Divine Comedy, Dante is accompanied through much of the story by the poet Virgil. Virgil's job in the narrative is to explain all the crazy things that Dante is seeing in his travels through Hell and Purgatory.

I've found that when introducing a new, unfamiliar setting to players they sometimes feel a little lost. I used to do the info dump, but it's cold and feels too much like homework. 
Instead I've been introducing an NPC, a "Virgil" if you will, early in the campaign. His job is to help explain things and put events in context. I don't make this obvious like, "This guy is your Virgil," but I do make sure he's fairly readily available when they need some wisdom dispensed. I'm enjoying this technique because the Virgil can be fun to roleplay and it seems to be working.

Does anyone else do this or some variation? I'd be interested in your experiences.

We played our first session of Hell on Earth: Reloaded yesterday. We had three players and me GMing. One of the guys had never played SW and the other two had played a couple demo games but only with pregens. 

The game went really well. We did a small combat at first where they cleared a couple walkin' dead out of the place they planned to camp. I had sent them off in search of a well pump and they ended up in a lonely crossroad of a village in Arizona. Naturally their truck broke down because that's what happens when you're 50 miles from anything. So they stayed the night and had a frenzied fight with walkin' dead and a glom on a gas station roof-top.

Overall, we didn't get a lot "done" but they got to try out their arcane powers, try different combat options they hadn't seen before, and laugh a lot. A really fun first session that produced a ton of hooks for future games. 

1. The party "thief" got KO'd by the glom (I couldn't kill the guy's character on his first SW game, I just couldn't).
2. One of the sykers uses barbed wire as his Entangle trapping. He had to do a lot of apologizing to the Extra who got caught in the template :)
3. Stealing a motorcycle gang's cache of spare parts and leaving evidence implicating a rival salvager group.

My NH group celebrated #TableTopDay on Sunday. I ran a Savage Worlds demo game with them using Daring Tales of the Space Lanes. A lot of fun was had and they are really psyched for some Savage Worlds now. Good thing too since we're starting our Hell on Earth Reloaded campaign in June :-)

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Finally got my bennies done for my upcoming Hell on Earth campaign. Also dug out some post-apocalyptic cards and minis. 

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I bought a bunch of post-apocalyptic "100 Lists" from Fishwife Games the other day to support my upcoming Hell on Earth: Reloaded campaign. They're really useful but it got me thinking about making some "loot cards." Essentially, each card would contain a randomized selection of items and rather than roll for found items at game time, I would just pull out a random card whenever the players wanted to loot someone's pockets or rummage through an old car or something.

Then, I thought, if I could take a bunch of lists from disparate places and automate the creation of the cards, I could have an infinite supply of random caches of loot. So that's a nifty little programming project. For now I mocked up what the cards might look like.

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New game, new bennies. Starting a Hell on Earth: Reloaded game soon so I needed bennies. I picked these stickers up online. Now I just need some 1.5" disks to stick them on. 

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For all my developer peeps

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Two great tastes...

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Today's #fridayfiveminutemap  
Sometimes you find a cromlech. Wonder what's under the slab?

In last night's Viking training we concentrated on good movement techniques. I was really lamenting my lousy dancing skills but I'm getting better. I also learned that getting stabbed in the face with a short sword wakes you up really fast.
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