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Monique Sherrett
Online Marketing Strategist, Creative Technologist, Explorer on the Seas of Technology
Online Marketing Strategist, Creative Technologist, Explorer on the Seas of Technology

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I'm with you on this. Double plus good. 
Two main reasons we don't make smarter decisions based on data: 1. We obsess about "one night stands", rather than longer term relationships and 2. We never get to metrics that really matter, like Profit, and deep UX implications, like Product Views Per Transaction.

My latest post addresses both these concerns and gives you specific strategies to get your 2016 off with a Bang!

Excellent Analytics Tip #27: Chase Smart Calculated Metrics:

You can download lots of wisdom in the post to influence, in fundamental ways, the culture inside your company, and five calculated metrics in Google Analytics to see your digital performance in a new light.

I invite you to share your favourite metrics in the blog's comment section, and/or continue the conversation.

Go, think different:

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A good list.
I've read a lot of things recently that have influenced my thinking - here are some of them.  I hope you find them useful too!

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Good recos on resources for each type of marketing #startups
What is a Full Stack Marketer?

Full stack marketer is a term I first heard from Marcelo Calbucci and Morgan Brown. It's a type of marketer capable of acquiring customers by using all levels of the marketing "stack," or better known as full stack marketing.

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This is a fun project for a worthwhile reason. 
The Shoebox Project for Shelters has launched again across Canada. I love this project. This is the new video for the project - great work!

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Protect your phone from accidental water damage with my buddy's company WaterSeal Technology. They won Calgary Start up of the Week and are looking for funding through Indiegogo. Please consider making a donation, even if it's $5. Thanks!

So doing custom audience segments and viewing content--I can only see 2 months of data now in Google Analytics vs. setting any timeframe. This is terrible. It appears for some accounts but not others. Anyone else seeing that?

Oh boy. One Google Analytics account shows me a new section for Channels but another doesn't. It's nice being in the middle of an A/B test or staggered rollout. 

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+Moz  and +HubSpot have great recaps of the news that Google is now encrypting keyword data (oh and did you notice you can only grab that data from Jan-Mar 2013, historical stuff is gone). Here's my take on SEO: Social cues, External cues and On-page cues that make up SEO today.
Heard the news that Google keyword data is 100% Not Provided? Well, that needs more than a 1-minute marketing tip. Here's a full blog post and 20-min video about how smart markerters need to think about SEO. In the land of "Not Provided", SEO is not keyword optimization, it is understanding the
✓ Social Cues
✓ External Cues
✓ On-Page Cues
that help people discover your content.

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Goodbye pile of business cards, hello useful app. 
CardMunch iPhone App for Business Cards
I know this app has been around for awhile but now that conference season is starting again, it's a good one to highlight. CardMunch lets you take a photo of a business card with the app then converts it automatically to a contact and provides the person's LinkedIn profile making it easy to connect.

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