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Guild Seekers & Recruiters, Answer Your Calling! - Guild Wars has always focused on community and friends. As a release date is near at hand. ;) Guild Wars 2 fans, both casual and competitive are beginning to organize into guilds. We’d like to give the opportunity with this posting for those either recruiting new members or seeking out a guild that fits their play and lifestyle, to post their information to get connected with our classy Google+ community. If you're interested in either recruiting or browsing for potential mates to run with, please let us know in the comments! If you would, please follow the format to keep things looking pretty. Thanks +Trent Johnson for the reminder. #gw2 #gw2beta #gw2fans #guildwars2 #guildwars2beta #arenanet
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The Pink Animal Clan
Super Active, Fun-loving Guild with events every day!
Based in the East Coast of the US, I'm hoping to recruit more West Coast peeps as that is where I am based.
Casual nature, but lots of events for the active players There's a form on the website if you're interested in joining.
[Black Sun Empire]
USA mainly, some UK friends we play with as well
age range, 18-34 currently, i think i am the oldest at 34.
Full of long term guild mates from GW1 who have played together for years. Pretty much anything goes language wise, etc. Think south park humor uncensored.
Casual and Competitive, PVE to start mainly
we have a 20 slot Vent (will upgrade if needed) and backup Mumble server as well..
site is a work in progress, personally i never used guild websites much, but i made one so people could have forums if they wanted. application is pretty basic.
PainTrain (Ascension Alliance Member)
We are a competitive & casual, organized and democratic based PvX (PvE, WvW, PvE) guild made up of veteran gamers located throughout the United States and Canada. Our staff group is primarily over the age of 25. please use the application form :)
We are a small group of friends with experience in many MMOs. <Mongoose> was created during the times of Rift as an international guild, hosting members from every continent but one (go to hell, Antarctica). A "medium core" guild, we welcome everyone from all over the globe (except, again, those *@&#$ing Antarcticananians) and all different play styles -- even sucky ones. Our chief priority as a team – verily, the only reason for the guild’s existence – is to make the game more enjoyable. Shiny loots are great, sure, but not when you've gotta hang out with self-obsessed jerkwads (and God help you if they're penguins from That Place We Won't Name).

We chat using Mumble, we game at all hours of the day, and we can't understand why people let Arrested Development go off the air.

WvW,sPvP and PvE

Feel free to apply !!!
I might be the only one interested in this - but can we add what servers each guild is planning to use as home to the list of information?
Daniel good idea.

As for our guild, we consist of a dedicated following of Guild Wars 1 beta players. We ranked #13 in GW1 at one time, and hope to have a competitive presence again within GW2. If anyone is interested please add us.
Sylvan Blades[SyBs]
We are a casual with no pressure and fun enough to hang out with throughout! With Sidekick helping people will no longer be tedious!
North American, mostly NorthWest Coast with a Detroit contingent.
Love PvE but really looking forward to keeping Isle of Janthir competitive in WvW!
Add us and leave us a comment!
We are Russian Guild "The Free Dragon Hunters" [TFDH]

We are an active guild, in which the majority of people over 25 years. We help each other, we have enough free atmosphere. We're all friends.
We love PvE, but not off and play in PvP.
Casual Gamerz [CG]
Old Swedish GW1 guild under the Swedish gaming community OldGents.
Swedish players older than 20.
Mainly PvE but some PvP'ers are waiting for release to join us then.
We are looking at Kodonur server as Far Shiverpeaks was too crowded.
Go to the forums Guild Wars part and introduce yourself, hang out on TS during Monday night sessions.
The Order of Digital Knightz (DKz)

Established 1992, members from USA, Australia, UK & Europe & Brazil.

Friendly & Excitable crew, well established players. We have 2 dedicated Teamspeak servers and guild pages linked to facebook, google+, twitter etc...

Early focus is PvE whilst we learn but will have a heavy PvP (WvW) presence also.
Homepage: (currently being upgraded)

Contact: Gary Blackman (Pixel) on G+ or Facebook, @dkzpixel on twitter, dkzpixel on GTalk or email & MSN with

18+ preferred, however members are between 17-55 so a very broad age-group
"As a release date is near at hand. ;"

What??? Where?? Tell Me !!
Also, I'm a Turkish guy with little time to play, needing an English speaking European light RP guild. I'm currently playing Lotro (Laurelin EU-RP), and Torchlight ^^. Not that I'm too much into RP, but I like to play with old people like me.
Pop into Teamspeak at and say Hi to the guys (there is usually someone on) my nic online is Pixel (or DKz-Pixel). We should have a few on during the next Beta as many of the old crew are starting to come back from various other games so I'm expecting it to get quite busy soon :)

During this last Beta we managed to all meet up on the Borliss Pass server, hopefully that will stay the same next Beta (not sure if they will wipe as yet). Hope that is all the info you need, I'm in Australia but am online/available most of the time :)

See you in Teamspeak soon. If I'm not there tell Deadly or Pathos you know me hehe :)
I am a dutch player, long history of different mmo's. NO hardcore-player anymore, but casual and looking for fun and enyoing the game. So any hints on what guild to join ? :-)
Ed check out we have a few dutchies there and we are casual, we are gonna take pvp to the competitive level though for the ones that are interested.
- The Vasburg Armory [vA]
- Former GW 1 Alpha Testing guild (back then: "The Omega Circle"; greetings to Gaile if she reads this ;)
- Europe
- PvX
- Contact through our forums or membership application form
"Release date is near at hand"??? Thats the best new I've heard about this game all week!!! XD
* Secret Sanctum
* Softcore PVE/PVP guild with ages from 18 to 50+
* Sweden (Europe)
* All that the members find fun
* By website or (Swedish only)
* Wild [Wild]
* No drama. Skilled players. Mature "raiding". glhf
* Full content exploration
* PvE mainly, PvP encouraged
* In game
* In game
Mormon Battalion [MoB]

The Mormon Battalion Community began shortly after the release of the original Guild Wars (May 9, 2005) when the Mormon Battalion guild was formed. Our aim is to create and preserve an environment in which our members can enjoy a high standard of behavior. We value the relationships that are fostered between our members that are based upon long-standing principles of trust, respect, honesty, service, and goodwill towards each other.

Our members are predominantly from the United States (MST); however, there are no restrictions on region to be a member of our Guild.

We are a very casual Guild that enjoys all aspects of gaming. While we are casual, there are many who are very competitive. With that said, all members understand that gaming is a past time, not a way of life. Even while doing serious Dungeons and similar "hard core" content, everyone understands that family and real life comes first.

Our focus is generally PvE. However, we also have certain groups within our Community that love PvP and we expect to have a good number delving into WvWvW.

Our forums, along with our Code of Conduct, are located here:

Feel free to contact us on our forums or here on Google+ (+Mormon Battalion Gaming Community).
*Free of Fate [FoF]
*Anything Goes. Laid back guild management. Fun, friendly, helpful and skilled. Great for people that would like to enjoy a guild without the pressures and time sinks they can envoke. Great for solo-ers too. We have a webpage with a 500 slot teamspeak server. Still small but growing. 18+
*PvE, PvP, WvWvW
*To join, sign up on the webpage. To ask questions, hit us in G+.
* Pandion Knights
* Casual, Mature and Friendly
* EU (we do have some players from the USA)
* Casual although we are gonna try some competitive PvP
* Focus on all the content
* signups through our forums
Sentinels of Tyria [US EST] - Still searching for small group of commited members looking to help establish and organize guild for launch.
Planning to be casual PvX guild focused mostly on cooperative play between members, and just having a good time.
Armored FIST
We're an international WvW combat team (US Server) with regularly scheduled guild events. We specialize in high quality communications and in-game coordination though a loose military squad and rank structure. We're recruiting ages 20+ for WvW domination at!
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