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Stress Test Tomorrow! / Website Makeover! - We will be conducting a stress test on Thursday, August 2 from 12:00 Noon PACIFIC Time to 4:00 PM PACIFIC Time.

Unlike previous stress tests, we will be actively working on the game during the event, so you might experience connectivity problems or discover features that are not working as designed. Any issues you experience are a result of the rigorous conditions of the stress test, and are in no way representative of the state of the game at launch. By participating in this stress test, you’re helping us make Guild Wars 2 a better game. Thanks for your cooperation —we’ll see you in-game!

Characters from the last Beta Weekend Event have not been wiped; you will find them waiting for you in tomorrow's stress test.

We've updated the website with new content and design. Enjoy.

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+Guild Wars 2 Hey Chris is the stress test open to everyone like when SWTOR did a stress test, or is it only open to those who are in beta already?
+John Livingston Those who have already been apart of a Beta Weekend Event, have access to this stress test.
Ack, again during my regular work hours! 24 more days...
Aww man, I'll be at work. ... Maybe I'll find a way to remote home...
Bah, I'll not be around - oh well.
Needs to be about one month longer IMO.
I'm often confused at what I should contribute to the stress test. Is it ok if I just continue on sending bugs reports?

But undoubtedly, I'll enjoy the game for a bit as well!
Basically to contribute to a stress test you have to show up and do stuff.  That way they can test how well their server is handling the traffic.
Edit: Oops, my comment feed didn't refresh and I didn't see Erik's answer

Bug reports will probably be helpful, but usually stress tests just require that people be using the system so they see how it acts under load (they don't have enough employees to generate that sort of load in-house).

Actually, reading that again, maybe they don't want bug reports because of the "you might experience connectivity problems or discover features that are not working as designed".
This made it into the explore section? Awesome!
Corresponding hours for CEST (Central European Summer Time or GMT+0200) are 21:00 to 01:00. Not the worst time, but still a factor for those who have conflicting working hours.
+Lars Vindal far fewer in that time zone have conflicting hours than here. The equivalent time for me (central US) is 2:00pm to 6:00pm. I get off the train on my way home at 7pm. I understand why they do it at that time's their working hours. Just wish they'd consider running one of these during US primetime. Hell I'd love to have it run between 21:00 to 1:00 here...those are my prime gaming hours.
Anxiously waiting 4 p.m here in Brazil to play a little more until the release date!
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