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Antoine Logean
Data Scientist @SwissRe in Casualty R&D
Data Scientist @SwissRe in Casualty R&D

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"The uses a lot of data and mathematics to tell independent Hollywood producers how much income a film is likely to earn long before the first scene is shot" #bigdata

#bigdata #smart_analytic #datafication

If I could measure when the 20 toilets are occupied during the day in the building I am working, I could find a lot of interesting information and answer the following questions:
- average time spend on the toilet for men and women. Is this average time changing from winter to summer ? From the morning to the evening ?
- at which time slots are the toilet mostly occupied ?
- do I find a correlation with this occupation pattern and some epidemic development (flue, ...), menu of the day, climat conditions, ...

#bigdata  10% of the word population is on  #facebook  

#bigdata  Friday May 19 2011 #facebook enter the trade market #nasdaq 

#bigdata #note would it be possible to analyze a corpus of texts (tweets, short message, fb, ...) in time of patients with known neurological disorders (alzeihmer, depression, ...) and find some patterns presenting some predictive power (--> search for papers)

#bigdata #note @google makes use of spelling errors in search querries enter by users to improve/feed their syntaxic corrector engine (how? To be clarified). This is the opposite approach as the one used by @Microsoft Word where a dictionnary approach is used.

"Thinking becomes more important than knowing." This is exactly what scenario planning teaches us to do.

' ... Die Hälfte aller Krankheiten gelten als unbehandelbar, und für die andere Hälfte wirken die Medikamente nur in der Hälfte der Fälle und mit zum Teil erheblichen Nebenwirkungen....' Ernst Hafen in

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I just have seen "Gravity".
At last.
I like it.
Next step will be to see it again in 3D alone im Kino ... 

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.“
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