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We provide over 34 years of litigation experience, which allows us to serve our clients in the most thoughtful, careful, and dedicated of ways.
We provide over 34 years of litigation experience, which allows us to serve our clients in the most thoughtful, careful, and dedicated of ways.

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National Whistleblower Day is July 30, 2017

Did you know that July 30 is National Whistleblower Day? It is a day to reflect on the laws that protect the rights of whistleblowers in the US.

#NationalWhistleblowerCenterDC #ProtectUSWhistleblowers #WhistleblowerProtectionOrganization

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Marshall & Forman, LLC Is Your Civil Rights Law Firm

If you have been the victim of malicious prosecution and live in Ohio, contact Marshall & Forman, LLC to set up an appointment to speak to an experienced civil rights attorney. It is against the law to forbid citizens their constitutional rights.

#Marshall&FormanMaliciousProsecution #OhioCivilRightsAttorney #ColumbusPoliceMisconductLawyers

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Wells Fargo Top Female Executive To Pay Back Millions

Now that the dust has cleared from the Wells Fargo fiasco from last summer, it has been reported that the leader of the community banking division, Carrie Tolstedt, was fired with cause. This means that she will forfeit her severance package.

#WellsFargoFiasco #WellsFargoTopExecClawbacks #ScandalAtWellsFargo

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Have You Been A Victim of Racial Discrimination?

If you think you did not get the job or did not get the promotion based on your race, it is in your best interest to talk to a professional workplace discrimination attorney in Columbus. Federal and state laws are in place to guide you through your claim.

#Marshall&FormanRacialDiscriminationLawyers #WorkplaceDiscriminationAttorney #ColumbusWorkplaceDiscriminationAttorneys

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House Leaders Meet with Black and Puerto Rican Caucus Members

The Black and Puerto Rican Caucus recently met with members of the House to discuss the Police Misconduct Bill. The priority bill, named “An Act Concerning Police Misconduct,” was drafted to ensure that police officers are responsible when using unwarranted excessive or deadly force. Read more.

#PoliceMisconductInUSA #HouseLeadersMeetWithCaucus #BlackAndPuertoRicanCaucusUpdate

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Pregnancy Discrimination Is Illegal

Did you know that there is a federal law to protect pregnant employees from being discriminated against at work? If you think you have been discriminated against because you are expecting, talk to a knowledgable workplace discrimination attorney at Marshall & Forman, LLC about your claim.

#Marshall&FormanPregnancyDiscriminationAttorneys #OhioDiscriminationLawyers #WorkplaceDiscriminationAttorney

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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

It is still apparent that sexual harassment is one of the most under-reported violations in the workplace today. Whether you work for a small, medium or large-sized firm, sexual harassment does not have to be tolerated. If you are experiencing sexual harassment, contact a competent sexual harassment attorney.

#ColumbusSexualHarassmentAttorney #LaborLawyerFranklinCounty

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Are You Owed Back Wages From Your Employer?

There is a huge difference between a "volunteer" and an employee. Read what happened to a for profit restaurant, claiming their workers were volunteers. If you have any questions about back pay, contact us at for legal assistance.

#BackWagesAttorneyOhio #FranklinCountyEmploymentLawyers

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Experienced Breach of Contract Claim Attorneys

If you are considering leaving a job to accept a new one, your severance agreement is one aspect to consider before taking a new job. Severance agreements are crucial components to determine if you should leave an old job for a new one. It can be distressing when a company does not adhere to the agreement upon termination. Fortunately, employees who do not receive what they are legally owed under a severance agreement can hold their employers accountable by filing a breach of contract claim. If you are an Ohio resident and your employer has ignored your severance agreement, contact a reputable employment lawyer.

#EmploymentLawyerColumbus #FranklinCountyEmploymentAttorneys

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Police Brutality Cases

An increasing number of police brutality cases has drawn attention to law enforcement procedures like this one. Officer Rosen did not act within policy. Actions like this continue to result in distrust, as everyone in the community is not treated equally.

#policemisconduct #policemisconductlawyers
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