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As Vinny Cs It
Random, stick toon-y, funny, over-caffeinated, um... random... Do I really have to use 10 words?
Random, stick toon-y, funny, over-caffeinated, um... random... Do I really have to use 10 words?

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Snowball 3 - Moving Man.
During my  confession  the other day mentioned getting my contract at work renewed. This means, barring any monumental screw-ups on my part (or an apocalypse or something) , I'll be steadily employed for at least another three years. I'm happy for this, of ...

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Some Things We Can Never Understand.
A long,
long time ago, I once held certain beliefs. Beliefs I was certain were true and
– yes, I admit it – I even looked down on others for not being as enlightened
as myself. However, as I grew older and experienced more of life, I began to
have doubts ab...

Mrs C just complained her boobs keep getting bigger because, when I first started drawing cartoons of her on my blog, I used to draw them too big.

In unrelated news: I've decided from now to start drawing myself with an incredibly huge bulge in my pants.

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When You...
That moment...

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Smells Like Monkeys In Here.
As I mentioned the other day , I was sick. I'm mostly better now (not factoring-in the residual mucus) . I also mentioned something about hipster monkeys in that post too  (I don't know... I think my brain was overheating or something) . No, wait! There was...

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Conversation With Mrs C - My Hot Body.
Mrs C walks into the bedroom. She looks at me intently as I lie on the bed, her eyes run across my shirtless frame. After a few seconds, she walks over and puts her hand on my chest. After a few seconds, she looks int my eyes and says:

Mrs C: Oh my GOD! Yo...

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Always Remember - Boundary Issues.
When it comes family... * There really is no such thing as"personal space".

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On The Outside, Looking In.
Remember back when I posted about how things always seem to change when I complain about my situation and they didn't usually change for the better? Well... it happened again. The complaining and things changing part, anyway. Surprisingly enough, things are...

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