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We WILL Take Our Country Back!
We WILL Take Our Country Back!

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President Donald Trump's Press Conference

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Mark Steyn was absolutely fantastic on Hannity tonight, explaining the true, evil history of the Democratic Party and asking when are they going to apologize for it. Here’s one small blurb:
It’s a party with an incredible, century and a half history of institutional racism. There’s nothing like it anywhere on the planet. People go on about apartheid South Africa; the National Party came to power in 1948 and they were gone 45 years later. That’s how long they lasted and they’re nothing now.
The Democratic Party has never come to terms with the evil of its past. It was a party committed to the proposition that one human being could own another human being and they’ve never said a word about that. They’ve never apologized for it. They’ve never atoned for it in the way that they have the reconciliation commission in South Africa.
…When is the Democratic Party going to apologize for being the biggest slave-holding supporting institution on the planet and sticking with racism for the century after the abolition of slavery?

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A wonderful way to remind our representatives who they are accountable to.

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"In an interview by phone with Breitbart News late Tuesday evening after the McDaniel headquarters cleared out, state Democratic Party chairman Rickey Cole said McDaniel should challenge the election results. “Clearly there was some sloppiness to say the least, and probably some failures to comply with the law,” Cole told Breitbart News.
“I listened to some of McDaniel’s speech, and in a race this close I’m sure there are irregularities that ought to be looked into,” Cole said. “I’ve been around a lot of close elections in my life. I think the candidate owes it to his supporters to make sure that everything was done on the up and up.”
Cole said the most likely error in favor of Cochran could be where Democrats who voted in the June 3 Democratic primary were allowed to vote in the GOP primary runoff on Tuesday. “That’d be the very first thing I’d look for,” Cole said. “And that’s the easiest error that poll workers can make—whether it was an honest error or deliberate, I wouldn’t know. But that’d be the most common error that happens in a runoff—where voters who weren’t qualified because they participated in the other party’s primary would be allowed to vote by mistake.”
Cole said McDaniel could also challenge affidavit ballots, and how he said poll workers may not “reconcile the ballots they had at the beginning of the day with the number they have at the end of the day.”
“That always creates questions if the poll workers have a candidate for every single ballot, and then you need to reconcile the numbers of people in the signatory book up against the number of ballots cast,” Cole said. “A lot of it is math—questioning the numbers of the ballots cast, and the numbers match up to the number of voters.”
Cole specifically noted the extensively high turnout in Hinds County, a predominantly Democratic area of inner-city Jackson where a key Cochran ally already accused of engaging in suspicious activity on Cochran’s behalf. “I’ve never seen a Republican primary with that many voters in it in Hinds County,” Cole said.
There were 24,889 votes cast in Hinds County in the runoff—17,927 were for Cochran and 6,962 were for McDaniel—but only 20,567 Republican voters are listed in Hinds County, according to the well-known Labels and Lists Voter Data Base. The extraordinarily high turnout in Hinds County is much more than what happened in Hinds County in the primary just a few weeks ago, when 16,640 total votes were cast—10,928 for Cochran and 5,621 for McDaniel.

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It took Dave Brat's shocking victory over House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) for Chris Matthews and Chuck Todd to understand that the Tea Party movement is a state of mind and not a fad or a flash-in-the-pan movement.
A day after Brat ousted Cantor in a race that blindsided the often conventional and lethargic mainstream media in their backyard

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Exciting Victory! This is the kind of guys we need to send to Washington, DC!
"The political world was rocked last night when House Majority Leader Eric Cantor unexpectedly went down in flames in his primary against Tea Party backed candida... See More

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New Documents Reveal BLM, Feds Planning More Land-Grabbing, States Respond

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Common sense and basic law tenets are not part of this administration's skills.
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