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Have you ever desired an app that lets you to wake up in the morning with your favourite ROM ever updated to the last version?

And maybe that saves your ass doing an automatic backup before the update?
And maybe that installs also your preferred Custom Kernel?

And maybe all without a touch?

Stay tuned for next version of CyanogenMod Downloader..
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Sounds amazing especially if it flashes/installs cleanly! Looking forward 
+christian wilson I just did a lookup on the term "troll". Why would you assume that everyone on Google+ is Internet lingo literate??

Certainly you are not suggesting you know “Everything”, right? Should I concluded that if you venture to an astrophysicist forum that you will be able to communicate as well as a professor in physics?

Yet we would not assume to brand you as a foolish “troll” as you put it, if you were to ask a simple and well-known question to the astrophysicist community.
Just keeps getting better don't no what i would do without cm now!

+CyanogenMod Downloader dose your phone hv to be like offishly compatible with like cm10 like my desire s is a un offishly cm10 will it work if u hv a unofficial one??? 
Things just keep getting better. Now people really won't have a reason not to flash CM. π r2
That is pretty awesome! I just got the nexus 4 and this will go nicely with my new phone. Thanks +CyanogenMod 
+James Taylor How is the 10.1.2 version? I've heard that there's a lot of battery that true? It's the only reason why I haven't updated from 10.1.1, which still has battery issues on my T-Mobile GS3.
As long as my data has been backed up first yeah, if not..whaaatt theee fcuuuukk
I wish galaxy ace 2 and xperi sp get officially supported.. :(
Zach G.
Isn't that what rom manager is for? 
Hope my old anzu supported. Until now my current. Cm is 7.2 
Isn't it what CyanDelta has been doing for a long time already?

(been using it a lot when I was on CM on my Gnex, flashing the latest nightly almost every other day (dirty flash, no issues at all btw). 
How about those of us who need to flash the boot image separately (HTC OneX)?
The sickness is here.
+christian wilson pretty sure the guy isn't trolling. The post hit the "what's hot" feed so anyone can see it. What's hot = free advertising!
There is a god! His name is Cid.
I hope it would reset my alarm too. Otherwise I wouldn't get up
Part 2 of nemesis?
What is the difference between CM Downloader and Goo Manager? 
+nathan watts this is unofficial - not supported by CM.

I don't think this is for me, I use my phone for an alarm, if it updates at night like it claims, I can't afford to wake up to a bootloop and miss work.
+Jonathan Kaup possibly. Call me old fashioned, I'd rather just download an update myself and flash it by hand :p
Is Rom Manager not a thing anymore? Has it been that long?
Would this wipe anything or function like a regular of a update?
+Shane Brian cyandelta may fit your needs. It does most of what this updater does, kernel updates and all, by building a small patch of recent changes relevant to your device. There's not a backup feature, but I find it a valuable tool nonetheless. Try it out if you get a spare mo.

On a totally unrelated note, the developer of this app really should change the name and this social media branding. Too many people may confuse this with an official Cyanogenmod app, which will cause obvious headaches. If it is really an amazing product, it can have its own identity and stand out on its own merit. (See goo manager, rom manager, cyandelta, etc)
Yo, CM. When are you going to have a stable version for the Verizon gs4?
+Sam McKeown You should really S-Off of you're flashing any of the current nightlies on your OneX.  Once you have that, then you no longer need to flash boot.img separately.
+Dana Foote your alarm should be resetted as like when you reboot your phone.
+nathan watts this is an UNofficial updater
+Shane Brian if you're scared of bootloops during the night you can set the flash to occur at day (so you can watch it), the time can be set
+Matthew Young only official builds are supported
+Kiran Kurian it's an update so no wipe are done between flashes
+Peter Menocal you're right, it was planned to change the icon
+Andrey Tcherepanov full ROM

For all of you, functions like Backup and Additional Zip are compatible only with TWRP (or CWM compiled with OpenRecoveryScripting)
+Aaron Saellam international (UK), why - have I missed some developments? After X-Moo (sp?) et al closed the S-OFF development thread on XDA I started checking less and less often.
+Sam McKeown because we have it on the evita (AT&T HOX). Gets confusing sometimes with the different versions. 
What's up with 4.3 cmd for u.s. s3?
I just hope it works. I have yet to see cm10 finish booting after I flash it (still stuck using cm9).
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