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¡Haz una película con Eiji Tsuburaya! #GoogleDoodle

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Esto esta genial

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Nik Collection preset of the week: Color Efex Pro 4 - Boost Color for Food
by +Nicole S. Young 

When food is photographed in beautiful light, and exposed properly, there still might be something to be left to be desired. A flat image is never appealing, and food photography will always look its best with vivid, natural and bright colors. When I process my food photographs I always try to keep the edit very clean. Slight saturation, a boost in tones and maybe a subtle vignette to finish it off. Nik Color Efex 4 offers a lot of great tools, and many of them allow me to process food in this clean and beautiful fashion.

The "Boost Color" recipe for food photographs uses the following filters:

Sunlight: This filter will add a nice boost of brightness and saturation, without going too far. The color of the light is set to be a little warm, so if your image happens to be on the warm side already, you can make a slight adjustment to the "Light Temperature" setting to bring some blue into your scene.
Vignette: When I add a vignette to a food photograph, I always do it very subtly. This vignette is soft and "barely there", just to bring a little more focus into the center of your frame.
Detail Extractor: This filter adds a little more contrast to the food, and also does a great job of brightening up some of the brighter colors, such as the garnishes and berries in this example.
Brilliance/Warmth: To balance some of the color in the photo, I added this filter, which should cool down your photo ever so slightly.
• Darken/Lighten Center*: Lastly, I added this filter (one of my favorites) to bring focus back to the center of the frame. It lightens the middle while also darkening the outside. This filter is one step up from a vignette, and works perfectly for food photographs.

To be inspired and see more fantastic photography, check Nicole’s Google+ page!  +Nicole S. Young 

Share your images that you’ve used the preset on and tag them with #nikrecipebook  

Click the link below to download the preset:
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Monday Motivation: The Business and Design Mantra

#design   #business  

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Put the pressure to the pen. Use the flex nib to avoid wear and tear to your tablet's surface. #TabletTechTipTuesday

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