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Deforestation infographic
Interesting graphic. Click to Enlarge Image CustomMade

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Conducting field work in China
Useful post from Sinograduate . Click the link to see expanded descriptions of each point. Conducting Field Work in China If you ’ re
a masters or Ph.D. student conducting social science research on China
for your thesis or dissertation, at some point you...

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What Should Economists Know about the Current Chinese Hukou System?
Research paper. Impacts on all aspects of research on the Chinese economy. What Should Economists Know about the Current Chinese Hukou System?  Yang Son Abstract This article explains the current hukou system in China and provides the most recent evidence o...

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Are China's Financial Markets Deep and Liquid enough for RMB internationalisation?
Could China internationalise the RMB? This paper examines the case for China and concludes it is not there yet.  How long?  Perhaps not as long as you might expect.  Obstacles in China have a way of disappearing when they need to. "The People's Republic of ...

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The IPCC treatment of the total economic impact of climate change
Richard Tol's latest paper compares the estimated economic impact of climate change from the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th assessment reports to show there is little statistical difference and compares this fact with the content of the technical summaries which app...

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On the Value of Catastrophic Climate Change
The possibility of catastrophic risk means more stringent action required.  This is not a surprising conclusion but is the correct way to look at the discounting issue in my opinion. Models-as-Usual for Unusual Risks? On the Value
of Catastrophic Climate Ch...

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Research paper: Crime, weather, and climate change - murder rates up
Climate change in the US to result in 22,000 more murders, 180,000 rape cases and 1.2 million MORE aggravated assults between 2010 and 2099. Potential for headlines when publishing results of this type.  Important to put these numbers relative to current cr...

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Trade liberalisation and pollution taxes
Trade liberalisation leads to lower pollution taxes whether set federally or locally according to the latest working paper from Per Fredriksson.  However, if taxes are set locally pollution emissions may fall.  All in all, not an argument to show free trade...

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Solutions to the crisis? an ecofeminist economics perspective
In addition to mainstream approaches this blog is always interested in alternative approaches.  The role of ecofeminist economics as a solution to the global economic crisis may offer an interesting solution.  This is from the most recent issue of  Ecologic...

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Rethinking China’s Future Path [Globalist]
Good summary of the environmental issues that China needs to confront in the next decade by Richard Phillips in the Globalist.  As the article points out, the current leadership is aware of these problems and is acting.  There is still a large gap between c...
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