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Distilled's resident wordsmith +Harriet Cummings's recent Tone of Voice guide gets a nice little mention in this top post from +Buffer on finding your social media marketing personality:

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childhood fears
by Joshua Hoffine
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I don't find it funny as to ROFL, but I do find it very curios and interesting. I Hadn't quite realized it in this way, but it's true (at least it's certainly true in Spain).

I'd like to know how Muslims feel about it, with all due respect.
This is kind of fun, and funny.


They’re not happy in Gaza.
They’re not happy in Egypt.
They’re not happy in Libya.
They’re not happy in Morocco.
They’re not happy in Iran.
They’re not happy in Iraq.
They’re not happy in Yemen.
They’re not happy in Afghanistan.
They’re not happy in Pakistan.
They’re not happy in Syria.
They’re not happy in Lebanon.


They’re happy in Australia.
They’re happy in Canada.
They’re happy in England.
They’re happy in France.
They’re happy in Italy.
They’re happy in Germany.
They’re happy in Sweden.
They’re happy in the USA.
They’re happy in Norway.
They’re happy in Holland.
They’re happy in Denmark.

Basically, they’re happy in every country that is not Muslim…and unhappy in every country that is!


Not Islam.
Not their leadership.
Not themselves.

THEY BLAME THE COUNTRIES THEY ARE HAPPY IN! And then—wait for it!—they want to change those countries to be like….THE COUNTRIES THEY CAME FROM WHERE THEY WERE UNHAPPY!

All credit to +Milad Farjadian , a very good Iranian friend of mine, who just sent me this link:

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"Aliens" On Earth

It is unlikely you'll watch this entire documentary on Google+, but if your PC is connected to an actual TV, or you have Apple/Google TV, this is something amazing to watch with the whole family.

There are so many aliens in this documentary, I don't know what else to call these strange creatures.

#amazing   #earth  

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Love some people's nerdy wit. #humor   #humorgeek  

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#html5  +  #cirquedusoleil  +  #google  = #magic  
This website is just wild in Google Chrome: 

There's also a neat blog post talking about all the technology they stuffed into this:

It's amazing what you can do with HTML5 on the web now.

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Noticed that #Romney  is trending, so I couldn't help but share this.

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One MicroSD card stores more than the rest of this media combined (25 years of storage illustrated).  My, we've come a long way.  (via #storage   #microsd   #floppies   #history   #progress  

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The smartest scientific minds of our planet in ONE picture!

This image is just mind-blowing.  It was originally captured in 1927 at the Solvay Conference, attended by some of the most brilliant scientists in history. Notable attendees included Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Marie Curie, Erwin Schrödinger, Werner Heisenberg, Wolfgang Pauli, Paul Dirac and Louis de Broglie. More than half of the attendees went onto win the Nobel Prize in either Physics or Chemistry. Marie Curie actually won the prize in both fields. She remains the only scientist in history to have done so.

The original picture is black & white but a Swedish female artist successfully colorized it and posted it on reddit where it became an instant classic. Not only that, she's made it available on the internet for free.

This one definitely deserves to be shared further for the world to print and put up as a poster. A more epic gathering cannot be imagined.

Hi-Res Download:
Artist's Website:

#photography   #mindblown  
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