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When people reach for their phones, use laptops, or grab their tablets, our contact center teams are there to provide prompt and friendly help.
When people reach for their phones, use laptops, or grab their tablets, our contact center teams are there to provide prompt and friendly help.

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56% of 18-35 year-olds would rather #chat online than talk to someone on the phone. So what does that mean for the future of customer contact programs like consumer collections? Afni's Jeff Hobbs explains more. #customerexperience   #customercare   #webchat   #digitalmarketing  

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Changing online consumer behavior and expectations necessitate a new look at consumer collections. Read more:  

#webchat   #customerservice   #customerexperience   #customercare   #livechat  

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Afni is now 1,000+ strong in the Philippines and we're still growing! Read an update on our Philippines expansion and how you can join the Afni family in the Philippines.

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The Tops in Training
Check out Afni's third consecutive Top 125 award from Training magazine. Our  #leadershipdevelopment and training programs continue to lead the industry. And it's because of employees like Kristen Olson, Sr. Manager of Talent Development. She makes sure we keep all our employees growing and learning every step of the way. #learninganddevelopment   #trainingmagazine  

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Is Web Chat Support for More than Just Customer Care and Sales?

Could consumer collections leverage #webchatsupport  to make consumer collections more … friendly? There's a big part of the answer that is rooted in customer perception. Is a segment of your customers more comfortable with online conversations? Even to the point they feel more cared for and valued when they're on your website vs. on the phone?

Web chat support will give them the chance to resolve their account balances without a lot of confrontation. Logic dictates that your brand will win. 

Recognizing the value of customer preferences and behaviors will net positive results. Afni's Jeff Hobbs explores more about the concept here: 

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Kathy Poley is Now Sr. VP of Global Contact Center Operations at Afni

Our very own Kathy Poley is the new Senior Vice President at Afni. In her new job, she's overseeing strategy for our global operations and support organizations. Read all about it on our website ... 

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Subrogation Managers: Get Ready for Storm Season with this One Easy Step
If it's your job to lead an #insurance  claims or #subrogation  team, you know it's impossible to predict exactly when storms will strike. What’s certain is that they will. In fact, all kinds of things can cause your workload to flex up and down. Sometimes you know it’s coming. Other times, not so much.

We can help.

Afni’s subrogation pros are ready to jump in and keep your subrogation processes ticking, even when you get too busy to give them the attention that's needed.

We don’t require long-term ongoing contracts or have minimum volume requirements. And, there’s no cost for you to get set up with Afni.

The first step is so easy.

Get in touch and let's talk more about how we can help you prepare for the expected. We’ll get everything set up, learn your processes, put everything in place, and wait.

Then, when you need us, we’ll be here.

Read more about how a subrogation contingency plan can help you stay ahead of the storm. 

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Afni Athletic Honor Roll Night at Illinois State University

We had so much fun hanging out with a big group of smarty pants   #IllinoisStateUniversity  student athletes at at the 17th Annual Afni Honor Roll Night!

300+ student athletes on the academic honor roll and 100+ with a perfect 4.0 GPA. We're inspired.

To top off a great night, the #ISURedbirds  won BIG against Evansville to capture 3rd place in The Valley. 
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Guess what day it is! Nope, not hump day. It's Afni Honor Roll Night at Illinois State University! We love the  #ISUredbirds  and are proud to support all the student athletes who commit to excellence in athletics and academics. 

ISU vs. Evansville is TONIGHT, February 3, 2015 at 7 p.m.

See you there! 

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Apollo Robbins WOWed the crowd at the Afni booth during the 2011 NASP conference in Orlando November 6-7!
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