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Mike Townsend
Writer, musician, code monkey, dad AKA sellmeyoursoul
Writer, musician, code monkey, dad AKA sellmeyoursoul

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I think Marvel is dropping the ball big time if they don't create a Captain Marvel movie. In her they have a character that can bring girls into comics on an equal footing with the boys and their Spider-Mans. Kelly Sue DeConnick is hitting it out of the park with the books she's writing and it wouldn't be hard to adapt the character to the screen. Think Iron Man if he were a hot blonde who didn't need armor. TAKE MY MONEY!

Without meaning to, I came up with my take on how they should introduce her character a few months back and today for fun (i.e. procrastinating from the novel) I wrote it out. Here it is.

Last night I put up the 2013 Remaster of my 2003 album Nerve Damage. It includes 5 bonus tracks not on the original album. Check it out!

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Here are some of my thoughts on what happened yesterday in Boston.

If you're in LA and you want to see me IN. THE. FLESH. I will be in town at the end of the month for a wedding. Also, still looking for a couch to crash on the night of 4/28 (it's a Sunday).

That is all.

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Man, self promotion is a weird thing. While I want people to check out my new album (released last Sunday), showing up to corners of the internet I've been too busy to frequent to ask people to listen to it makes me feel kind of insincere. 

That being said, I sincerely want YOU personally to check it out. I think you might like it. And you're the one person here I've missed. Unlike the rest of these jerks. Them, I've never particularly been fond of.

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It's done! After three and a half years, I have finished my latest album. Check it out here.

If you like it, please help me spread the word. I'm incredibly proud of this beast. Or if you think it's so dreadful you need to share it with your friends to mock, that's cool too. My ego doesn't know the difference between a sincere play and a mean one.

Up next... full court press on the novel. Um... see you all in another 3.5 years?

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sellmeyoursoul has officially been making music for 15 years! Check out my blogwankery about it. Then, click the music link and listen to the shit, 'cuz hey, free music. (Note: I will not be offended if you choose to pay for it. I'm understanding like that.)

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Hey world. I done got me a story published. Check this shiz out yo!

Good Monday you lot. As I sit here and wait for a tow truck, I reflect on how shit outlook web access is on an iPhone and find the time to visit g+. How've you been?
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