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Chris Black
Husband, Father, Chef, Domestic Technologist
Husband, Father, Chef, Domestic Technologist

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late to the party but contributing

News: Google contracts Royal Caribbean for Google Ferries to take employees to Mountain View from SF. #Rainmageddon

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free today.  i need to pay more attention to Google Play. I almost missed it.

#NowPlaying "Forget You" by The Muppets (Children's) on @Sonos

If someone would send me a Google Inbox invite, I would be grateful!

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This is kinda handy. there are better stat sources, but this is pretty good for spitballin'

Steve Ballmer now owns Clippers /  Announces plans for "Clippers 2016"

So would you trust the Zestimate of Trulia?

Tried the Western Digital My Cloud EX2.  I can't get the backups working with Amazon S3! For those that asked, I don't recommend it.
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