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Everything is Messy
I spent two hours cleaning last night while Alec was out at a work thing and when I woke up this morning it was all messy again.  There is always a pile of something somewhere, a secret stash of coloured pencils hidden under a couch cushion, or a smell eman...

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Train Park
We took a drive to the train park in Scottsdale.  My family couldn't get it together to take a picture on or near the actual train (which you can ride and it goes all around the park, pretty much the best thing ever for kids).  This one from standing in lin...

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A walk around the neighborhood
Slowly, slowly over the last few years, my Mom's pocket of Arcadia has become hip.  Suddenly everyone is riding bikes everywhere (something that certainly never happened ten years ago). These houses were built in the 50s which is nearly Medieval by Phoenix ...

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Every morning Clementine requests to go "swomming" in the pool.  The water is a bit chilled for the grown ups but she doesn't mind in the least.  She stands on the steps and pours water around with various cups or does her best to throw rocks in when we are...

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Back in Phoenix
We've been at my Mom's house in Phoenix for a couple days now.  Alec and I have made a concerted effort to relax as much as possible and there has been much eating of the cereal, Mexican food, sushi, bagels, pancakes, bacon, pizza, and tacos, only blemished...

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$54 day
Here I am, sitting in the shop.  It's the first weekend of the year when one could conceivably leave the house in a t-shirt. The sky is vast and blue and the air is ripe with possibilities and the smell of jasmine.  It's impossible to be in a bad mood. Wher...

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Where I have been.
Hey, remember me?  I have a blog I haven't updated in ages.  I think about it sometimes, like oh I should write about something.  There are many somethings these days! You may have heard, I started a store called Mutual Muse.  I don't know what I was thin...

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Weekend in Pakenham
This past weekend we were invited by Alec's friend Daniel to stay at his parent's beautiful house in Pakenham, an outer suburb of Melbourne.  We can never resist an opportunity to get out of the city on the weekend. Dad and Clemmy played bubbles in the driv...

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Thailand: Tiger Cave and Home
Tiger Cave!  It's close to the airport, so on our way out to go home we asked the driver if we could make a stop here.  It's a temple inside of a cave, it's pretty neat.  As you may know, Alec knows a bit about Buddhism so he always has interesting facts wh...

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Railay and the Penis Cave
This was one of our most fun (funnest?? idk) days of the trip.  Railay and Tonsai are separated by this bit of cliff/jungle and to get between the two you can do the 15 minute hike through it.  Quite a hike to do in flip-flops. Ahhh the first peek onto the ...
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