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The Marketplace Fairness Act: Great for Retail 1%ers, Bad for Small Onli...

This week, the Senate will vote on The Marketplace Fairness Act. This bill will help the top 1% of online retail businesses by forcing small reports on comic book news, movies, & tv shows.

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With his debut feature Chronicle looking to take #1 at the box office this weekend, Max Landis has hit the Internet in a big way this weeken

The Hunger Games Movie: Four Big Concerns |

We’ve seen multiple official trailers for the “Hunger Games” film, which so far looks like it should be a huge hit at the box office.  The b

BREAKING: Iron Man 3 To Begin Shooting Sooner Than Expected |

Multiple sources have told that shooting for ‘Iron Man 3’ will begin prior to ‘The Avengers’ hitting theaters May 4th, weeks a

CW To Order a GREEN ARROW Pilot |

According to Entertainment Weekly, The CW is closing in on making an order for a pilot based on DC Comics's Green Arrow from Greg Berlanti a

Avengers vs X-Men #1 Cover Released |

If you’re a Marvel junkie, you’re probably pretty excited about ‘Avengers Vs. X-Men’ #1, which comes out early April.  With the powerhouse t

Printed Comics Nearing Death As Marvel Strikes Latest Blow |

Traditional print comic books are dead. D.E.A.D.  They just don’t know it yet.  And the latest blow–one that could push print comics toward

Should Marvel Comics Relaunch? |

With the DC Comics relaunch proving to be a runaway success, the question now rises of should Marvel Comics follow suit. When DC Comics domi

It’s Cyborg Monday! |

Online retailers call today Cyber Monday, and they offer a variety of deals and specials. You can get TVs and stuff for like a dollar…well,

John Carter Super Bowl Sweepstakes Code |

Super Bowl XLVI has proven to be very good for the John Carter movie. Not only did the movie screen for the players in the big game, but Dis

2012 Super Bowl Movie Trailer Commercials Updated |

Back in January, brought you a preview of the Super Bowl Movie Trailers 2012 that would be of high interest to comic book fans

John Carter Extended Super Bowl Commercial |

With the March 9 release date for John Carter fast approaching, Disney put a lot of effort into promoting John Carter during the Super Bowl.

GI Joe: Retaliation Super Bowl Commercial Review |

Two things that you need to know about GI Joe 2: Retaliation. First thing, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is in the movie. Second thing, Bruce “D

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The Marvel-Disney Merger Two Year Anniversary |

It’s been a little more than two years since Disney acquired Marvel Entertainment.  And while we’ve seen an expansion of Marvel properties f

Seeing Robin In The Dark Knight Rises |

It looks like superheroes other than Batman just keeping popping up in The Dark Knight Rises. First, it was Superman with the Superman logo

The Avengers Super Bowl Commercial Full Review |

For comic book fans, the biggest moment of Super Bowl XLVI was the airing of the new commercial for The Avengers movie. In the week before t

Tim Tebow Gets The Marvel Comics Treatment |

With all the comparisons of Tim Tebow to a comic book superhero, you had to know this one was coming. Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow i