Played my first Kingdom (Finally!)

I met up with some people and played Battleship Orion. Our state-of-the-art experimental battleship was leading the fleet to a known distant planet that would become our new home.
However, due to scarce resources and the pressure of being chased by a never before seen alien race led to different crossroads and crisis.

We initially thought that we should redistribute food rations to military personel to increase military readiness, but that only would have given a minor advantage but also civilian unhappiness so our commander decided not to.

Then we decided to turn Orion to an arc-ship. Preserve civilian in a cryogenic state and use the arc-drive experimental reactor. That would shorten our journey of 500% but research pointed that Orion would be to big to use such technology and that could only be use on smaller ship to prevent to blow up.

In the end after various crisis and near death of our Kingdom under martial law, we manage to use the arc-drive technology and abandon Orion as a decoy and possibly have a chance for our Kingdom to survive.
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