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Gwen Patton
Pink Pistols spokesperson, former webcartoonist, and Lockpicker.
Pink Pistols spokesperson, former webcartoonist, and Lockpicker.

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So chemtrails come from high-speed roller coasters now, not from jet planes?

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And now, your moment of Zen...

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If you're inappropriately happy at the dead one, would that be Schrodinger's Schadenfreude?

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This is a really nifty way to protect your station from lightning. It's always been a pain, having to disconnect all the cables, then remember to reconnect them later -- and it's nerve wracking to be out of the house when a thunderstorm hits, and you left the cables connected.

This lets you disconnect them all at once, remotely, from your phone. Brilliant.

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An experiment really paid off in increased comfort.

In dry weather (winter), when the air is really dry, the skin on my fingers around the nails gets dried out and cracks. It's nothing major, but it sometimes hurts, especially when the finger next to it rubs on it, or I bump the finger on something. I can use band-aids, but they're not well shaped for it in most cases, and I don't necessarily need the level of protection a band-aid provides.

Also, I use the new style of "hydrocolloidal" bandages, which you can wear for a longer time without changing them. Rather than just keeping out dirt and such, actually aids in healing by not drying out the wound. The substance they make the bandages from will absorb "exudate" :P from the wound and turn into a gel that cushions and keeps the wound in the best conditions to heal fastest. There's a longer description of this type of bandage here:

But that's not what I'm posting about. Those fancy band-aids are more expensive than your typical band-aid with a gauze pad on it. So I hesitate to waste one on dry, cracked skin. Also, if I put any lotion or balm on the cracked skin, a band-aid won't stick for s#%t. So I started looking at different kinds of bandages to help with this. First aid tape works, but it gets all nasty after a few hours, starts losing its sticky at the end, then at the edges, and pretty soon, you're having to trim the damned thing because there's a loose tag end flapping in the breeze. Not ideal.

Then I found "Saf-T-Tape". There's a number of brands, and I've tried a couple, but this brand seems to be the best for my purpose. It's a loose gauze bandage strip, impregnated with latex. It's not completely sealed, so it's breathable. But it only sticks to itself. It doesn't actually stick to the skin. This also makes it a very malleable bandage. Ever notice that when you put a band-aid on your finger, you wind up with a weird bit at the end of your finger that you have to sort of crease and mash to get it to close up somewhat? It's never a good bond, it's all lumpy with bits sticking out, and its awkward. Well, this stuff sticks to itself so well, you can just mash it together and it all melds together into a single surface, closing off the end neatly.

You DO have to wrap it so it can't just fall off your finger. It takes a little practice. You also have to make absolutely sure that you fold over a little flap at the end of the bandage still on the roll, so it's easy to find the end to peel off some more. If you DON'T do that, the end will merge almost seamlessly with the surface of the roll, and you'll never be able to get it properly unrolling again. You'll wind up either tossing that roll, or trying to cut down into it with a knife to make a new loose end, which never really works well and wastes a lot of bandage.

But one thing's for sure, this stuff is CHEAP, and it WORKS for my purpose. It can also give grip for people lifting weights, padding a bit that gets abraded or blistered from work, that sort of thing. I've got a huge bag of rolls of this tape that I got on Amazon for a song. I won't post the Amazon link because of their stupid "robot check" thing that keeps you from seeing the preview. I'll just post the first link on a Google search for the brand name. But you can go to Amazon and get the same exact thing.

Dear Google,

If you don't want me to reply to a comment on a Youtube video from my G+ notifications, please don't put Youtube notifications in my G+. Thank you.

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