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Cable Cutter

Always Call Before You Dig...

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Sending Regrets

via +Tim O'Brien
The Boy Scouts of America issue an official apology for having the President of the United States address their Jamboree.


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Listed Ingredients

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Deeetroit '67

The Freep says:

"50 years later, we can now recognize that Detroit in 1967 was a city of deep divisions that permeated every level of public life."

"The city's segregation and prejudices led to omissions in coverage and perspectives. The city's African American community was under-represented in news stories and often delegitimized. The absence of blogs and social media accounts meant many voices and frustrations, from the city and suburbs alike, went unheard."

MC5-The Motor City Is Burning:

"Your momma and poppa don't know what the trouble is...
They can't see what it's all about...
I say that momma and poppa don't know what the trouble is...
They can't see what it's all about...

They get their news from reading the newspapers...
You best get out there in the street and check it out..."

More about the song, written by Albert B. Smith, and first recorded by John Lee Hooker, with Buddy Guy's first appearance on vinyl:

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Or maybe Terror Forming.

The Swamp of Bureaucracy is being drained, to be repopulated with Big Shot Boss Men and their Yes Men Minions.

Because Big Bidness.
"The fish stinks from the head." Thank you Vox for including a transcript of the Mooch's morning's meltdown. Hard to believe otherwise. 

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Breaking The Speed Limit
The order says prosecutors have 10 days to work from arrest to arraignment and the rest of the schedule is sped up for both prosecutors and defendants. Most productions of evidence (from either side) must be handled in five days and preparing for trial (including providing lists of witnesses expected to testify) is limited to 25 days.

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Barbecue Bob Rides Again

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Blow Out Kit 2.0

No word on whether folks are training to use Israeli Emergency Bandages, one handed, in Spaaaace...

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Czech This
"@britishmuseum - Czech artist Alphonse Mucha was born #onthisday in 1860. His colourful Art Nouveau works from around the turn of the 20th century could be seen on posters, advertisements and interior designs. This style is characterised by intricate patterns, floral motifs and flowing organic shapes. Mucha’s artwork often portrayed women, and expressed the variety of roles women took in ‘belle époque’ society – from those rejecting old conventions to those on the fringes of society. This evocative 1897 print is called Incantation."
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