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Ruby McConnell
Writer, geologist, dancer.
Writer, geologist, dancer.

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The Turning Of The Year
Light. It is always in this season that my mind turns to the anticipation of light. The lengthening of days, the illumination of fallen snow, and the spark of hope that comes with a turning year. I am not a resolution maker per se, but rather a reflector, g...

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Girl Gone Wild Is Moving!
Yep. So the little blog that could is moving on, at least beginning to, anyway. The "people who say so" have decided it is time to migrate to a site all my own, where I can let folks know about the book, upcoming readings, and new publications, all in the s...

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Tiny Fascinations
Shiny. The dark days of winter are made a little easier, for me, by other peoples Christmas lights. The people in my neighborhood appear to be particularly insane in this respect, which I love. We are bounded one side by the super-Christian college campus w...

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Something To Watch
Entertainment. I will admit to being far outside the mainstream in terms of media. I rarely see movies in the theaters, play no video games, take no interest in online videos, viral or not, and have not owned a television in years. But it's not like I live ...

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Tell It Slant
Read. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to read some of my work at an event called Tell It Slant in Portland. What made this event special was that I got read alongside my mother, who in her 7th decade has gracefully, and successfully, become a poetess....

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Gear Guide III- Home On The Range
Sleep. The last
installment of my gear guide, just in time for the holidays. Happy
hunting! Part 3: Odds and Ends Water Purifying-
21 st Century-Style Oh my goodness I
have spent a lot of time crouched at the edge of a stream pumping
water through a filter....

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Gear Guide II- A Decent Cup Of Joe
Cook. A continuation of
my adventures in new gear. For the background to this series read
this: Part 2: The Kitchen Gadgets The only thing I
really need in order to be happy outside, at least in terms of food
and drink, is a hot, strong cup of coffee in the...

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Gear Guide I- What's The Expiration Date On That?
Gear. There is nothing like writing a book
about camping to force you to take a good look at your own gear.
First and foremost, I love my gear. Every piece I have is functional,
multi-season, and well tested. A lot of it is also more than ten
years old. Wow...

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Little House
Read. Occasionally I return to a book, or a series of books that impacted me in the past. For the last few weeks it has been the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. It had been more than 20 years since I had read the 'Little House' series and what I discovered is t...

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What's The Score?
Improvise. Last week, nothing went as planned. It was a week of mishaps, things forgotten, cancellations, and miscommunications. Also at least one ruined pair of jeans in a laundry catastrophe, a broken but seemingly unnecessary car part, and the accidental...
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