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Ryan J. Wassink
Technology Teacher, Ed Tech Specialist, certified (not practicing) School District Administrator from Corning, NY.
Technology Teacher, Ed Tech Specialist, certified (not practicing) School District Administrator from Corning, NY.

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Anybody have a reserved room for #ISTE2015  who isn't going to use it?  I was just given approval to go and everything is booked :(

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Looking for a good option for a sharing/collaboration site for our district technology committee.  We need a "home" for our documents, sub-committees, etc.

Have considered Google Communities, Edmodo, and SharePoint so far...  each has its own drawbacks.  

Google looked to be the best at first glance but most of my users don't have Google accounts and we'd be sharing a lot of files from our local drives, not necessarily our gDrives.  I got a lot of pushback from people who didn't want to have yet another account to deal with.

SharePoint ties in with our email and calendaring system in the district but isn't nearly as fun to use.  Seems to be easy to use, though.

Edmodo isn't meant for teachers collaborating as much as its meant for teacher-student interaction.  However, I know it will work.

Any other ideas?  Our committee members come from across a large district and we only meet f2f once a month.  Obviously this isn't working well for us.  I'm not in charge of the committee but have been given permission to move us to an online platform.  Free is best, but willing to look at all options.  Thanks.

It's been a long summer away from technology.  Amazed at how much has changed.  It's good to be back.  "Hello, World!"

Hello!  I share everyone else's excitement to be a part of this group.  I've taught technology education in upstate NY for the past 12 years while serving as a technology director and online instructor (both for adults and students) concurrently for part of that time.  

I'm a huge supporter and advocate for edcamps - have been to over half a dozen of them and continue working on plans to bring one to my area.  I've helped organize TEDx events (original TEDxChemungRiver organizing member) and continue to work on bringing people together to share their expertise and experiences with others via similar venues.  My newest venture, Period12, is looking to bring technology education, ed tech, and community-driven knowledge together into one physical space for area residents to enjoy.  

@RjWassink on Twitter / G+ / Facebook

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