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Very important question for all you stylish +ers. Just got these penny loafers and I love them; should I actually put coins in the slots or leave bare? What is the protocol these days?
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My vote: Stick in two Sacagawea dollars.
Given the weak dollar and your recent travels, use Euros.
That shot makes you look 12 feet tall...
I think you've been misinformed about the G+ demographic....
I would totally put pennies in those bad boys. (But I'm not exactly know for my good style choices... so I'd ask my much more stylish friend +Polina Sokolova.)
+Sierra M Slettvet Point taken. But I'd probably be laughed off of Tumblr if I tried to crowdsource advice from the real fashionistas there. I mean, I'm talking penny loafers here, not sparkly Miu Miu pumps.

Consensus does seem to be leaning toward actually using coins. Am now on the lookout for shiny and/or lucky pennies.
Thanks, Tess, for a stylish intro :) I'd say - add those coins if you want to go retro or turn your loafers into conversation pieces. Do you like extra attention? :)
Colleen, I personally would put pennies in them... but, more for function than form... I just think I would chuckle if I were buying something at a convenience store or the like and 1 or 2 pennies would make the order be exact change and tell the cashier, oh hold on a sec, then bend over and take one or both out and hand it to the cashier... but, that just might be me.
I think that you should turn them into nickel or dime loafers.
A penny is money. It is a copper coin of very little value (100 pennies= ONE DOLLAR). Many years ago (1960's) it was a custom for people to insert 1 penny into a special slot on the front part of a shoe called a "penny loafer". The photo above shows what these shoes look like.
I'm with Sacagawea guy up top. Go dollars or go nothing.