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Hoping to get some thoughtful feedback on this -- mulling how to cover these kinds of things (Gilt, Groupon, etc.) going forward.
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I think it should be tech. They are tied to the Internet. Internet is tech still right?
+Christophe Sautot Yes, but increasingly, companies in nearly every industry are building a solid Internet presence. That's where it gets tricky IMO. I don't doubt we should cover news out of companies like Gilt occasionally, but I wonder how in-depth it should be from the tech media's perspective.

I put it this way in the story: ..."[Gilt Groupe] does seem to have a strong engineering team and culture... but it’s ultimately a discount retailer. The fact is, Walmart has a very solid IT team too, but the tech press does not typically cover all the ups and downs of its stock price."
Yeah, it is tricky. But Walmart exists without Internet, and I don't think these companies could/can.
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