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Some bigger ideas that have been percolating in my head for a while now; I'd love to hear what others think.
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dear thats good idea ..i hope i were there..i love the way u think..
Also, the bigger things are issues facing the planet with having so many humans on it. Hoping tech will start to be used more towards fixing problems rather than adding to them.
This is ideal in concept, but not practical today and Peter Thiel's approach is an exception. The truth is that most startup founders start off with little money. They hope they can make a successful product, exit, then do another startup. Conventional wisdom says that those entrepreneurs will continue to make better and more success products in the future. If a breakthrough is going to happen with computers, and it will need the use of supercomputer technology, then the price of supercomputers ($1000/hour) will determine who can and can't attempt to solve the world's biggest problems. Therefore, I believe it's not the responsibility of entrepreneurs that are trying to get their foot in the door. It's for the big companies (the Googles, the Exxons, the Apples, etc,) of the world today to do it. They have the capital, knowledge and means to do it. But these companies, they are too busy trying to meet quarterly estimates and competing for market share than to dedicate real competency to some endeavor which may burn their profits and most likely produce nothing.
Great points +John Ramirez about the responsibility that should go to big companies. But in practice, it's natural for big companies to behave conservatively, not making disruptive technologies -- why would they want to disrupt a world that has allowed them to become so big and successful? It may not be totally fair, but we often look more to entrepreneurs for truly brave, bold ideas.
I believe most entrepreneurs think big already. Hence, they take on the role that they do.

But not all are able to complete big things. Thankfully, most will learn from trying and use it to go on to try again.
I agree though that some need to think bigger and more longterm. But you can say this a lot more about the average person on the street.

At least entrepreneurs are thinking.
Plus, most founders, in addition to thinking, are also trying and working very hard.

I wish more people would do the same.

Nice piece Colleen! :-)
start small, THINK BIG, grow as big as you can.